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8 January 2009

Ultimate Windows Tweaker 1.0 - Carpenter for Vista

Despite all the criticism, but thanks to pressure Microsoft, Vista, however, managed to take on many computers. The transition from the old to the new operating system is never easy because, at the end, difficult to solve the old habits and accept the changes.
However, the expansion of Vista is inevitable at this time, as is the publication of new versions of Windows, which should correct all that with Vista criticized. However, when we talk about XP and in setting the hidden options, all will probably point the finger in the application that was resolved many pains. Of course, it is a tool Tweak UI.
Unfortunately, such as the Vista does not exist, so the resulting number of independent alternative capable settable hidden opportunities. Quite a number of such tools is a hack, but you can always find some free.
Tool itself is not particularly spectacular, but it performs its job perfectly. It is not necessary to install, making it suitable for storage in portable drives, and we must admit that is pretty small.
That is slightly more than 130 options is set in the program is hardly the size of 400KB.
Before you start changing the available options to create a restore point for the system, and it is possible to do directly from the Ultimate Windows Tweaker. If you forget that you are able to turn on or off or simply starts something wrong, you can always re-start the Ultimate Windows Tweaker, and click the button that will restore all settings to the default value. So you can feel free to experiment.
Of course, it did not close all. It is possible to play the options that can be used to personalize some of Vista, there are opportunities that relate to the system and the performance, security features, and optimization of network settings, and finally, a couple of other possibilities, among which you can find some interesting thingies like inclusion File encryption page file.

DOWNLOAD: http://www.box.net/shared/6ycncesj8h 384 KB