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25 January 2009

Trojan targeted at users of Mac computers

General knowledge is a matter that the owners of the computer that runs one of the solutions Apple operating systems and those where the 'spin' some of the distribution of Linux in a better position than the owner of a computer with Windows.
However, it sometimes appears as an online temptation directed towards them How to report security experts houses Intego, appeared tempter a new focus on the Mac computer owners.
It is called OSX.Trojan.iServices.A, and distributed to the pirated version Apple software solutions iWork'09, is currently present in many torrent networks.
When a user installs a version of the software, Trojan is installed as one of the programs that run the system, as part of service iWorkServices.
Temptation itself automatically have all the rights of reading, writing and execution, the administrator complete control.
Trojan connects to a remote server, taking on additional files needed to download a system that is.According to the Intego, until now such a version of the software iWork'09 taken about 20,000 users.