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9 January 2009

Microsoft Promised Twelve o'clock Patches Next Week

Microsoft has announced that next week is planning to issue twelve o'clock Patch, of which the seven are classified as critical. Target applications are Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player.Four of the seven critical update focus on the Microsoft Office software package, which will correct the majority of reported errors. The last three will solve significant omissions and problems about the Windows Vista operating system and Media Player 11 and Internet Explorer applications involved in the OS.
As we have already known in practice, since Microsoft did not
expect more information other than the most basic, but we know that the patches will be offered as Microsoft vulnerabilities are found in these applications, and that could cause unwanted breaking into the computer.In addition, Microsoft sent to the flaws in the Windows version of the famous Apple Safari Web browser, users stop using the application until the problem is not resolved, but it is not known whether it be in this update, or one of these.
Details about the upgrade expect 12 th August.