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29 March 2009

CloneCD - Fully Cloning

Save you the trip and you have the intention of the car to listen to your favorite CDs, but you do not want to risk the damage, you'll have to resort to a good method - the copying and recording on the media that if he had been corrupted, you can feel free to eliminate because the original certainly made up on the shelf.

Specifically, CloneCD is well-known tool that simply excellent work which it is intended, the creation of identical copies of CD and DVD media. While this, in fact, not aside from the multitude of similar applications, its glory is th
e fact that gained is able to copy the CD and DVD media, regardless of the technology that is protected. It also makes an ideal tool when you want to make backup copies of media.

Nothing wrong with the copyright protection, but when this protection restricts legitimate user to make a backup copy of your favorite game or not risks of damage of
music CDs to listen to their car while traveling on vacation, then it becomes too restrictive and, if you have not already Secondly, frustrating at times.

But tools like CloneCD and
things return to the right place. Do you do that can legitimately be a program like this that neatly circumventing the DRM restrictions, and other methods of protection (in the new version without a problem carries with SafeDisc 3 protective technology), the matter is quite simple. May, if the company that produces outside zone of application of law. With that allows circumvention of protective mechanisms, CloneCD and distinguishable in that it uses RAW-Mode (depending on whether the optical drive), thanks to which the resulting copies of the media will be identical copy, if it is not a protected medium, of course.

In addition to support copying CDs, is able to copy and DVDs with the exception of the film for which you are, if you have any intention to copy, have to have AnyDVD. It is a specialized software to Rip your movie DVDs. Of course, the film's DVD will be
compressing, but will be created identical copies of the original.
With the c
reation of image files from the media copy, CloneCD is able to immediately and recorded on the media and from image files or on-the-fly method directly with the media on the media. There is support for ISO and UDF formats that are created to other applications such as Nero, DVDShrink, and the like, and music CDs recorded in accordance with standard Redbook.

The state is emulated and weak sectors (any poorly readable sector in the medium) regardless of the optical drive. Therefore, one should bear in mind that the transfer of media depends not only on the ability of software to copy the running, but to some extent and the optical drive.

Is a minimalist interface, but because it is extremely easy to use, and do not need to worry about setting the advanced parameters, since the configuration of the poor, and CloneCD anyway in order to fully automatic. Simply insert the media, choose the profile to copy and let CloneCD-in to
do their job.

The results are great, but we managed without any problems copying the media with the physical protection such as ProRing or Laserlock (you will be recognized by the line near the middle or the edge of a CD), and we had no problems with the copying of music CDs or copying the well-known games. However, in some cases, things can complicate something for so you'll have to manage to find a solution, but it is usually sufficient for only a short visit google.

Although CloneCD can not boast luxurious possibilities and is only a basis, it really is successful in copying a CD and DVD media, which makes tools that you would certainly want to have in your collection software. Come, then, to save music CDs and protect them from unnecessary wear-out, and finally to make backup copies of the installation media games and other software, then you can CloneCD to and enable. Price? Not just trifle, but many will be 39 euros quite acceptable.

http://www.box.net/shared/beru7erm8p 2.6MB

Ubuntu 9:04 beta

Was published in Ubuntu 9:04 beta which is the result of its six alpha versions. Code Name Edition is Jaunty Jackalope, and except with kernel 2.6.28-11.37, brings a new Ubuntu version 2:26 GNOME and X. Org 1.6.

In relation to the previous version of the improved performance when the system, added support for Ext4 file systems, look
notification system is changed, and the release of Server Edition delivers technology and Eucalyptus to create a private "cloud".

New beta operating system available in a total of eight editions, and the supply can be here. Fin
al version coming 23rd April.

Speaker - the appendage to the active user

In parallel with its Walkman series mobile phones equipped with a number of multimedia features, Sony Ericsson and is a plug for him that the experience of listening to music on the move to a whole a completely new level.

Sony Ericsson Wireless Outdoor Speaker MS500 is the perfect complements to the offer Bluetooth cell phone as this and all other manufacturers. Speaker has a simple, but elegant design, and certainly will appeal to a large number of users.

As for the technicality concerns, MS500 connects with the associated devices with Bluetooth, power by two AA batteries, and it is possible to operate the device to pair with him. Full dimensions of the loudspeaker amounts of 113 x 83 x 45 millimeters, weighs 155 grams, while its price for now remains unknown.

Samsung SWD-M100 Monde

This Samsung Mobile Internet Device can also boast a large display with a touch and support for WiMax.

On the Internet have emerged some information about events at the Samsung Mobile Internet Device SWD-M100 Monde which Samsung first introduced to the WMC-in - this device comes with support for WiMax soon should appear in the American market. Monde is reminiscent of the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet, a 4.3 inch screen of a touch, it comes with D-drop, and QWERTY keyboard, and it should work on Windows Mobile 6.1 (some think it could work on his version of WM 6.5).

Among the other options there are still 3 MP camera, TV output and miroSD slot for memory card (the amount of internal memory is not known).
Information on the exact arrival on the market and on the possible cost are not known yet.

The smallest USB Adapter from Edimax

Due to the minimum dimension is the ideal solution for all mobile users.

Edimax Technology has introduced the smallest USB adapter on the market - a model EW-7711Utn comes with 40x16x7mm dimensions are achieved by the fact that this device has no external antenna.
Precisely because of the minimum dimensions, is the ideal portable solution for all mobile users and the USB adapter needed only to put in the appropriate slot, after which users can connect to wireless networks. EW-7711Utn supports 802.11b / g standard and is compatible with 802.11n technology, which enables speeds up to 150 Mbps.

This device supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup (wps) that simplifies the security configuration wireless network. EW-7711Utn market should appear 15th April.

28 March 2009

Represented by Chairman

Ulysse Nardin is under previously announced, in the new world's largest watchmaking fair Baselworld 2009. introduced mobile phone Chairman .

Aesthetically, mobile phone has plenty of materials such as normal and pink gold and steel, as well as the COMPANY Wristwatches, and customers can choose and modern materials like steel and
combinations of carbon fiber. Hardware, Chairman possesses 2.8-inch multi touch screen, 5-megapixel camera and the ability to connect to WiFi networks. Since the software that the Internet browser and e-mail client, and the device also has a few specifics expected from this kind of mobile phones.

To start, the owner of the phone unlocks the fingerprint reader, and there is an innovative system Kinetic rotor. This is a custom automatic mechanism visible at the back of the device, very similar to those from hand-held watches.

But this cherry-wood Kinetic rotor full battery of the device, but has not specified how to charge and effectively.

Customers can choose between several combinations of colors and materials, and it is a limited and Numbered series of 1846 pieces, in memory of the founding companies.
Price is not published.

Listening to music on Last.Fm-in is no longer free

The latest blog entry on the popular Internet radio Last.Fm about a decision that will begin streaming music charge disappointed the millions of users around the world. Users from the USA, Germany and Great Britain do not have to worry about 'Today, announcing the upcoming change in the mode Last.Fm radio in certain parts of the world. In the U.S., Britain and Germany, service remains unchanged, beginning yesterday published article on the official blog of Internet Radio Last. Fm.

All surfers from countries other than those described in this statement Last.Fm will soon be able to continue to use with monthly subscription of three euros. Month will be able to freely listen to 30 songs, but to listen to each the following will have to pay a monthly subscription.

Quite expected, this record is the anger caused by a multitude of users throughout the world whose opinions can be read in little more than 500 comments left on a business blog.
It should be noted that all other elements of Last.Fm and, who are not are not essential, since it is a community similar to Facebook, to remain functional and free for all users. However, listening to music, you'll have to pay.

Worm from the router to bots

Identified the worm that can take over control of some DSL modems and routers, which in practice can be very annoying Company Drone BL researchers found the worm name psyb0t that can attack and take control of the router (router) or a DSL modem / router, especially those that use the Linux operating system Mipsel and have a weak password. Upon taking control of the device, its owner has blocked access.

Has already identified more than 100,000 routers bots that are used for DDoS attacks. Special danger in this route is that the user will hardly notice that his router has become somebody's bot.
Routers are usually a set and not move because it correctly perform their job, infected router will continue to held the job and can take months before the owner realized that was no longer under his control.

Give 3DEESHELL third dimension iPhone

This interesting addition for the iPhone serves as protection for your pets, but allows you to view three-dimensional content, and that no additional glasses 3DeeShell is an addition to the iPhone, which at first glance looks like another in a series of protective enclosure, but there is still hiding something more.

In fact, over the iPhone screen inserts a special foil that allows viewing of 3D content, and without special glasses
If you are wondering who to hell, 3D features, it has them. Not too many, but some of the games and applications in Apple's App Store support the 3D view.
If you want to be ahead of its time, you will need for it and quite peppery pay, because 3DeeShell no small cost 49.99 dollars, and you can find here.

Ready Vista Service Pack 2

Microsoft has its beta tester via Windows Connect already distributed RTM (Ready to Manufacture) version of Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista.
This version carries the tag 6002.17043.090312-1835 and comes in more performances - as an independent installation, Slipstream, and the like. Largest newspaper, which are expected to pack SP 2 include better support and greater ability to WiFi network configuration, support for Bluetooth 2.1, able to write Blu-ray media and lot of bugs fixed and improvements.

Given that the RTM version of the last one before the official, everyone else can I expect SP2 for Vista in the next few weeks, most likely during April.

Sony Ericsson T707

Sony Ericsson has introduced the T707 - toggle mobile for fashion aware. Since innovation is also has external lighting in the colors depending on who's calling, there is a possibility to mute the alarm, shaking the screen, while on the phone automatically change depending on time of day.

Screen is 2.2 inches diagonal with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels, the camera resolution is 3.2 megapixel, embedded
Bluetooth, FM radio and GPS. External OLED screen is 1.1 inches diagonal with a resolution of 128 x 36 pixels, and in addition to 100 MB of built memory is available, and slot for Memory Stick Micro M2 card.
Battery life is declared on the 10 hour
s of talk-time or 400 hours stand by. Dimensions of mobile phones amounted to 93 x 50 x 14.1 mm, a weight of 95 grams. On the market worldwide Ericsson Sony T707 will arrive during the spring in black, blue and pink color. Price he has not yet been published.

Games run faster in Windows 7 than in Vista

It seems that the upcoming Windows 7 is already pretty fresh product, even the games work as well as or even faster than in Vista.

Guys from the site PC Perspective have made one of the most detailed tests as far as playing on Windows 7, with a handful of games and even seven different video cards. The results are pleasantly surprised; Windows 7 in order to quickly and reliably, without crashing, and the games they work faster than Windows Vista.

Remember is, although the Vista promises hills and valleys as far as playing, to this day some games in the operating system work more slowly than in Windows XP. It appears that Windows 7 will change that tradition - it is only the beta version!

25 March 2009

NASA for the WorldWide Telescope

Microsoft is published both in collaboration with NASA Center intends to allow viewing of data the U.S. space agency, including detailed photos of Martian surface and the moon, through its Internet services WorldWide Telescope. The two companies will be within the project called Space Act Agreement jointly develop technology and infrastructure necessary for the presentation of NASA's data.

WorldWide Telescope is a visualization environment based on Web 2.0
technologies, which serves as a virtual telescope, bringing images from ground and space telescopes to enable a space research. For the purposes of collaboration with Microsoft within a peer-NASA Research Center in California will be processed by more than 100 Terabytes of data, including recent photos of orbital vehicle, which recorded Martian surface in high resolution.

http://www.box.net/shared/tivnex5mb4 20.2MB

Shave with the Phone

Guys on pages OhGizmo! "discovered" are a specific Chinese mobile phone this time the name Cool758 which can be for $ 112 order from SoloMobi specialized for on-line sales (Chinese) mobile phones.

of the specification is fairly standard for Chinese mobile phone, so there is room for two SIM cards, 0.3-mega pixel camera (that has), MP3 and MP4 player, GPRS and WAP, etc., but the most exciting part is visible only when remove lid from the bottom of cell phone - electric shaver!

How is that no one has not remembered? - I wonder in disbelief, and I can hardly wait to heirs with complete appliances for a haircut hair and body hair in the nose.

Voice controlled Eee

Asuso CEO Jerry Shen in an interview with TechRadar confirmed that the voice system for controlling a computer to become commercially available until the end of the year.
Software for speech recognition, where Asus is already working for some time, could (at least in some extent) to become an alternative to Mass and keyboard.

The first products will be able to recognize speech will be notebook Asus Eee PC and Eee Top nettopi. On the market that such devices should appear in late third or early fourth quarter of the year.

Will the voice system, as Asus says, mean the beginning of the end of the keyboard - is left to see.

And hub and thermometer

Brand on pages one USB device, this time the USB hub named Rota-Rota that great opportunities are attempting to show the multitude of similar devices.

In addition to three USB slots, there are also a memory card reader on it to SD, SDHC, MS Duo, MicroSD and M2.

But - that's not all! This is probably the only device of its kind that has built and thermometers, not one, but two - in Celsius and Fahrenheit. All this for only $ 15 ...

More than a player - mintpad

Korean company mintpass some time in your market offers unusual mintpad (all written in lowercase, for some reason), and now is saved and sent him to the world market.

According to the article on pages
Pocketables it is a miniature device that is a cross netbooka, handheld, digital ca
mera and PMP's, and who is in his home country already gained quite some popularity.

Among other things, supports the ove
rride virtual keyboard and handwriting recognition, thanks to color-screen sensitive to touch, take pictures in JPEG and movies in AVI format, access the Internet, access to other mintpad nearby, connecting to WiFi networks and many other amenities.

Digital Foundry HDScope

Digital Foundry Company is out to market the device for recording video from games and from other sources, and according to the manufacturer, and it's the "entry-level" product very transportable
(dimensions 30.5 * 20,18,5 centimeters and weight of 5 kilograms).

Over lap connector connects to the component or not encrypted HDMI signal source that is still undisturbed shows on TV or monitor, and HDScope used to watch and record in real time and in the resolution to 1080i.
Supported are the various formats and compression with no loss of quality, and can be recorded immediately and play on HDScopeu and the switch on the computer and other devices.
Built-disk capacity is 1 TB, and the price it is not mentioned anywhere ...

24 March 2009


Have a bigger screen, and thus the higher resolution definitely has its advantages, but the relatively large desktop usually after a time become covered with icons. Even if you are of those types who are concerned about precisely at each pixel of space, sooner or later you will become frustrated increasing the amount of icons for whose accumulation may be blamed your family.

Fortunately, a solution for this is quite simple - or a move to remove all icons, and especially if you are in the shortcuts
and then delete them regularly or they start to organize smart. If you are less prone to aggressive moves, and in doing so you have a sense of aesthetics, then the fences just what you need.

This is a free program that comes from Stardock, and for his development charge by well-known RocketDocka. Although still in test version, fences work great, and the concept of grouping icon on pallets, although not new (such as it is possible to achieve within Windows without installation of additional software), is actually very good. In fact, once you organize icons in a group you will be able to collectively move by the desktop, and everything will work properly and more beautiful.

Not only that, all icons except those that specifically
highlight previously, you will be able to hide a simple double-click on the desktop, and so get viewed desktop. Of course, if you double-click again, transparent palettes grouped with icons will be displayed again. To make thing was better, the icons do not even have to be on a pallet to be hidden. But when we are already at it, palette probably will not even want to hide because it can serve as a very nice stylish addition for any desktop.

Even after installing fences proved to be practical by offering to automatically organize and icons grouped as consider the best. Precisely this is perhaps the best way to start using fences and especially if your desktop is cluttered icons. After this rem
ains only adjust palette and stationed icon as it is convenient. Automatic spacing, it is possible to launch and subsequently.

If you still prefer the hand-held, does not need to worry. Just in the interface start creating a new palette or fence, as it is called in the program, then press the right mouse button delineate the region that can not must include the existing icons and palette will be created. Remains the only award to her name, by the desire set precise dimensions (size change as you would do the classical window in Windows) and place it where you (take the upper edge and down where you want to).

Of course, at
any time can be accessed via the Settings option on the contextual menu (on the server you will find an option to lock the position of all visible fence) or by running the main program interface. With an option like rename range, then determining whether the name still running or just when you pass the mouse arrow over the palette, you'll find a few deployment range, which is useful if you create a lot of them.

Pallets can be visually and adjust levels, and unless the transparency, it is possible to change the brightness and color of the background, but the name. But there we have a complaint. In fact, I try to cram more range than the icon to fit it, you will see a scroll bar (in the configuration can be set to disappear when he does not have the mouse arrow over the range). And while it's not so bad thing, I scroll bar, unfortunately, is not visually consistent with the rest of the palette or on his appearance may be affected and we hope that this will in the next versions will be solved.

Fences saves layout palette and icons, so if you change the
resolution, everything will be back to his place. Moreover, the state is automatically adjust the size range based on the resolution and it is for each available resolution which is, ultimately, to include recommended if you have more than one monitor. As for restoring a previously saved schedule palette and icons concerning, fences and goes one step further.

In fact, saved snapshot position so enabled restore through history stored schedule palette and icons. It is also able to create several different timetable icons and palette, and then they need to activate depending on what you want to have in a given moment is at hand. Either way, this is the program that you definitely should try this especially if you constantly wage war with the disorder on your desktop.

DOWNLOAD: http://www.box.net/shared/yru7ygoe5b 8.5MB

Vetting Flash

HP has introduced a free tool that should enable developers of applications based on Flash technology Adobe to investigate their safety.

Tool called SWFScan s Flash applications and searches when looking for security breaches and omissions Adobe of guidelines for developing secure applications. SWFScan works with all versions of Flash.

In the HP emphasize the support of Flash installed on 98% of computers connected to the Internet and are therefore Flash applications become popular goal of attackers. Demonstrating work tools HP has analyzed nearly 4000 Internet applications based on Flash, and found that about 35% violate Above safety recommendations.

More information can be found on the HP site.

Google saves the wrong sent mails

Another of the many useful options in Gmail

The list of options in the Google Labs every day is increasing, while the last presented
option is the Undo Send that, as the name suggests, allows cancel sent e-mail.
To use this option, you first must be activated in Gmail Labs that users should go to Settings, then Labs, and click the Enable Undo option Send. When to make, when sending e-mails, you will be stopping the option of sending e-mail so that if users accidentally se
nt the wrong mail or at the last moment stance, have a couple of seconds in which to save the thing.

A large
number of times happens to be written today contains inaccuracies, forgotten attachment or something third, and still be sent. For all users quick on the trigger (button "Send"), Google has now offered a solution. Through Gmail Labs offers the option to "Undo" for each mail sent.

Upon activation options, e-mail is sent with five seconds of delay, during which time the users have the ability to refrain from sending mail. Soon be time to Undo should be extended a
nd the ten seconds.
Last y
ear, Google has offered the Mail Goggles - alcoholic test (active on weekends) that you should spare the inconvenience..

Quietube for YouTube

On page Quietube appeared a nice addition that is installed on any Internet browser withdrawing buttons "Quietube" from the browser toolbar.
Once the "installed" lets you watch content on YouTube without any other content on this site - other users' comments and links on the side. It is used so that the click on the button Quietube in the toolbar when you get to the pages of YouTube.

The state is to create tinyurl link that you can pass it to others interested in the content of the video, and not all the other elements that are located on the site YouTub

Fold / Unfold - Not just cheap

According to the site TechRadar, which transferred to always awake En gadget, Asus notebook Fold / unfold (or AIRO, as also called), will appear in the sale of up to September this year.
According to a statement Asus director Jerry Shen
, prices would have to be between 1000 and 1500 U.S. dollars, but it is also all that is about to say.
Data on the processor and chip set, graphics and display, which will be part of the new laptops - no.

Asus Fold / unfold is especially interesting because of its solutions for cooling
components under the keyboard, which is near the opening of the lid with the LCD of the withdrawing up and leaves enough space for air circulation.
Also, the keyboard is folded slip through r
esting the palms and touch pad, and thus saves space.

PEEK Pronto

The new version of the device to send and receive e-mails.

PEEK is one of the interesting gadgets that can currently be available in the U.S. and who has become quite popular on the other side of the Atlantic. It is a device that serves only to correspondence via e-mails - in other words, is not a phone but on a clean e-mail device. We can also call it BlackBerryjem without the possibility of radio - comes with a QWERTY keyboard, and except that users must pay for the device (although that often comes with numerous benefits or discounts), they must pay and which eight p.m. dollars a month for unlimited correspondence. It is interesting that this device users often used as a replacement for the PC because they do not want to mix e-mail device with your phone.

Now on the page of the company appeared teaser announcing that PEEK Pronto - a new version of this device which should be much faster and thus easier to use than the first version.

22 March 2009

EMDB 0.76 - Film Directory

In the sea of many programs directory movie collection, but some time to swim and this. But that it does not seem very special, but what made aside from the crowd level practicality. Most tools that will create directory movie collection overcrowded the possibilities, but when you look the truth in your eyes, it uses fewer parts.

EMDB (Eric's Movie Database) is obviously led philosophy of minimalism, in fact, focus on those most able to make each directory
should be compulsory. Can download information about movies, the most popular online movie database IMDb and embellishes it basic but very practical interface, but there is a possibility of the search.

However, search is not at the level of heavy commercial applications and in fa
ct you have to get the whole thing because it works more as an option to filter the movies shown in the catalog, but the right to search, but it certainly serves a purpose.

Adding movies to the catalog is very simple, but before I start charging base films on DVD at the store on shelves, is the appropriate jump in the configuration program and set a default value that will be posted at the entry of film. For example, for every movie you can specify which type of sound recordings to the media, whether on DVD or not, which is intended for the region and the like, and the options you'll have to meet each time at the addition of film titles.

If most movies are on DVD, it is easy to assume that the majority has a Dolby Digital 5.1 sound, that is intended for another region, it has the menus and subtitles and the like, and then recommended options and mark in the configuration that does not make you any time re-mark for each movie you are adding. Of course, these will be the primary information collected from the IMDb (full title, actors, director, home DVD's, etc.) so that the contrast does not have to worry.

This means that even in a window to add a movie you will not have to write his full name, but only the part that you know and then it will be given the list of found movies in the IMDb from which you choose the one you want. However, we do not have the possibility of adding a mass of films prepared from the list, so if you have a bigger collection, you'll need to have patience while adding a movie by movie.
One of the main advantages EMDB is its interface, thanks to which it is earned and label practicality. It is not particularly modern, but it is very clear that we do not have any objections. Columns you want to be shown, you can include or exclude in the configuration program, so if you are wondering how to sort movies according to their assessment (it can be assigned arbitrarily, or download one from the IMDb), the answer is simple. Jump in the configuration, locate the adjustment column and add the one with the mark. You will in the main list of movies can sort by the ratings.

If you suspect, EMDB provides the possibility of export of data but only in a text file types, and thus will not conserve and taken cover, and detailed information. However, it is
possible to create a backup database which, anyway, EMDB work regularly.

All in all, EMDB is a truly practical tool for creating search catalog movie collections. Has very good features, the interface is c
learly visible, and that all data and configuration parameters keeps stored in the directory where it is installed, it belongs in the category of portable applications because it no problem, you can copy to a disk and have it always at hand.

Therefore, looking for a program that would finally sort the
directory accumulated a collection of DVDs and films on other media, and do not intend to spend no dollars, then this is the program that you should try. If you like, and the author accepts donations, and pay you ten o'clock dollars you'll be able to adjust itself and the name of the place of Eric put the name that you want.

http://www.box.net/shared/abznrcyvd9 885 KB

Faster and more stable beta Chrome 2

Google has released a new version, to investigate the second edition of its Internet browser Chrome which should provide a more stable and faster.

New beta version Chrome 2 brings several new functions, including the "zooming", which makes it simple to zoom in and minimize the page section, "AutoFill" to automatically fill a variety of online forms, and advanced the possibility of abduction tags.

At Google out much better JavaScript performance thanks to the use of the new version V8 engine. Toward statements from Google new beta Chrome 2 is faster to 35% of the current stable version of the current Chrome and twice faster than the first Beta Chrome 2nd.

Internet Explorer 8

Microsoft has officially announced the availability of the final version of the eighth editions of Internet Explorer .

In the version 8 browser Microsoft Internet provides much better performance, greater security and a multitude of new functions, including better management of tabs, accelerate certain common tasks, "private" working conditions, improved search within the pages of open and improved user
In the words of Microsoft CEO's Steve Ballmer, Internet Explorer 8 provides users quick access to the information you are looking with greater safety than any other Internet browser.

Available are 32 - and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows Server, and more information can be found on the official website .

iPhone OS 3.0

Apple, according to the announcements gave a presentation events on iPhone OS 3.0 and the associated Beta Software Development Kit (SDK).
The beta iPhone 3.0 SDK are registered developers have received the test and development environment provides more than 1000 new API functions.
Developers can now implement a micro-payment within the same application, and help achieve th
e communication applications and hardware from the Made for iPod.

In additio
n, there is a push notification for changes in the application or the news, even if the program extinct - like the e-mail client, or SMS. Developers can easily implement the Google Maps functionality into their applications, and there are support for Peer to Peer connectivity via Bluetooth and the ability to access data from the iPod library on the user's iPhone or iPod Touch.

On the user side, the iPhone
OS 3.0 should be officially come out in summer, and brings together hundreds of newspapers, which many users are constantly looking for. These are of course support for copy / paste and official support for MMS (iPhone 3G) and the ability to write text messages and e-mails in landscape mode.

But implemented a new system of search (Spotlight) in a special page on the main screen, unlocked the Bluetooth functionality on the second generation iPod Touch, and installed teethering data will depend and service provider. Among the other things mentioned the availability of App Store in 77 countries, and the parental protection.