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13 January 2009

Nvidia 3D Vision

Nvidia has announced yet another attempt of the introduction of three-dimensional movies and games in-house use only.
This is a special 3D glasses Vision, which rely on the already very well known stereoscopic technology that breaks the picture on the screen in several colors, which, combined with special glasses gives 3D effect.

Glasses with a computer communicate with the infrared receiver, a built-in battery promises 40 hours of work.
Of course, for the full experience should have a GeForce graphics card and a special monitor. For now referred to ViewSonic and Samsung 120-Hz monitors, Mitsubishi DLP HDTV and DepthQ HD 3D projectors, and the technology allegedly already supports 300 games.
Nvidia program The Way It's Meant to Be Played provides support for future titles, and there is support for 3D stereo photography and movies, which turns your computer into a 3D format in real time.
Good thing the whole story is already available to support, without any special way of recording or patches for existing games.
But such attempts 3D display has already been in the past without any major success, and should wait and see how the market will accept Nvidia solution. Vision 3D glasses on sale around the world range in the first quarter of this year, for the recommended price of $ 200.