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21 January 2009

ZScanner 800 - 3D Model Photos

The ZScanner 800 has all the capabilities of the ZScanner 700 plus higher resolution and accuracy suitable for demanding 3D inspection applications as well as reverse engineering, design, manufacturing, digital mockups and simulations.


* 5X the resolution and 2X-3X the accuracy of the ZScanner 7
* Third high-definition camera increases scanning resolution and accuracy within 40µm (microns) and detect
s changes in surface height down to 50µm
* First-ever automatic, multi-resolution function that self calibrates the resolution level
based on the type of surface being scanned.
* Push-button activation for high resolution mode

ZScanner Advantages

* First and only handheld, self-orienting 3D scanner, eliminating the need for fixed-position tripods, bulky mechanical arms or external positioning devices that make make hard-to-reach surfaces nearly impossible to scan
* Uniquely part-referenced, allowing you to move the target object during
scanning and see a real-time image of the surface being scanned
* Capture data in one
continuous scan rather than in numerous shots from fixed positions, eliminating hours of post-processing time
* Includes ZScan™ software that automatically produces an .stl file for import into a 3D CAD software package or output to a 3D printer.