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17 January 2009

Neat Image 6.0 - Killer Noise

Today it is one of the main enemies of photography just noise. The problem of noise in high-quality and expensive camera is far milder stated, which is quite understandable due to better clean the sensor, but what is it with the small compact digital appliances for which the producers, probably due to marketing, to push too huge number megapiksel the disproportionately tiny sensor.
The result is usually not pretty pictures, but often just the opposite, to be bad because of excessive levels of noise. Stunt is really simple, with a beautiful and sunny weather photographed you with a low ISO speed
(this would also have to be automatic setting on the camera in such conditions), but as the space photographs darker, the ISO speed will need to be higher. What is ISO speed is greater, it will start to appear all the gre
ater amount of noise.
So, for a lower level of noise in the photographs should take pictures with a low ISO speed. It is not always possible, and have been a number of tools with which the noise in the images, at least to some level, it is possible to remove or mitigate. One of the best such programs is something the Image. Its secret is in contrast to the removal of forests takes into account the specific characteristics of the device, which is certain images, whether it is a digital camera or scanner, or have some other device.
In fact, it is possible to create a profile for a particular camera on the basis of its calibration target. NEAT Image can all completely automatically do. It is best that the results of removing noise is really superb. NEAT Image gives really surprisingly good results in removing the noise from the photo is indisputable. To be a better thing, it works equally well on a photograph taken in digital camera, or those that are scanned. In any case, I recommend you to try.

DOWNLOADS: http://www.box.net/shared/98ojpckaqf 2,4 MB
USER GUIDE : http://www.box.net/shared/02y8ebfk66 841 KB