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30 January 2009

And Mozilla will monitor the habits of users

No panic - the tool is intended exclusively volunteers!

Mozilla preparing a tool specifically designed habits
followed for FireFox users when browsing the Internet. Its purpose is to improve the quality of services in their applications.
Charge for "spying" will not come standard with FireFox,
but they will have it users who want to help Mozilla by the desire to install. The data collected will connect the user's geographical location, and will thus get a picture of their habits, which will be used to improve other applications.
From Mozilla promise that we will not
collect information about which pages are visited, but will be supported by a number of visits to individual sites in the Specified period (which in turn means that they will in some way to monitor visited pages).
pages to follow.The company expects to track habits agree only 1% of FireFox users, but it will be enough to collect the desired information.
Plug-in for FireFox will appear in a
few weeks, together with the original code - for those interested in that accurate data is collected.