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15 January 2009

It's the end of Google Video, Notebook, and Jaiku as we know it

Google has announced plans to close, stop development of, or dramatically alter a number of services including Google Video, Google Notebook, Google Catalog Search, Jaiku, Dodgeball, and Google Mashup Editor.

Some of the services will still be around for a while, but active development has stopped which means there won't be any new features for Google Notebook or Google Video. And in a few months Google will stop accepting new uploads for Google Video which means the site will function as a video search engine and a repository of old videos.

Google Catalog Search is going away altogether, as is Dodgeball and Google Mashup Editor. Micro-blogging service Jaiku will live on as an open source project that will be maintained by volunteers from Google and outside.
Yesterday Google also wrote on its official blog that the company is eliminating about 100 recruiting jobs and may lose some of its engineering staff as the company tries to relocate some job positions.