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11 January 2009

The theft of personal data via Twitter

Bad does not elect ways that would hurt customers and to make their grabs personal information.
Last in a series of fraud fake site is popular microbiology service Twitter
People who are now connected to Twitter via a web browser, officially welcomed the false warning about the home page of the web service, which has only one intention - 'steal' customers user name and password.
The point would not have been so dangerous since it will pick up fake Twitter only personal information that you use this Web service, but considering that a large number of users used the same data on the number of web services, the whole thing becomes more serious.

If that events within your profile you get the message content 'hey! Check out this funny blog about you ... ' with an appropriate link that leads to the following address twitter.access-logins.com know that this is a false web Twitter.

For those who do not know, according to the Twitter social network / microbiology service, which allows you to display and read the 'status' of other users.