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19 January 2009

YouTube on TV

YouTube yesterday launched a new possibility - for AOL Television. It is about access to the video service through the site specifically customized for multimedia hub or TV network capabilities.
Instead mouse interface is controlled by remote control, and confirmed for the PlayStation 3 and Wii Nintendo. Navigation is facilitated by using a larger text, and the interface is maximally simplified. The system is still in beta phase, but already is available in 22 states and in 13 languages, lead to the official YouTube blog.
Although YouTube has signed contracts with major television manufacturers about the involvement of possibilities of direct access service in their products, to date, the number of HDTV's that have incorporated some form of web browser or access to YouTube is extremely small.
YouTube (or a big Google) hopes that this move will encourage manufacturers to offer a broader range of HDTV, which will be able to access Web video.
There is one small problem YouTube relatively low quality of available material. In order to deal with that problem is already some time in the service set of high-definition content.