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18 January 2009

EULAlyzer 2.0 - Legal Analyst

In a moment you can find quite annoying surprised when you realize that the contract on which you have committed to agree on an action to which no one in the healthy mind would never agree.
A good example is the agreement on the terms and condition
s, which has recently been raised by quite some dust.
Of course, it is about Google's new browser Chrome whose initial terms at least was shocking and you are agreeing to the license terms, among other things, renounced all copyrights which is everythin
g you write in Chrome automatically become the intellectual property of Google.
Sounds serious? This is because this is so.
However, if this means that you every time when you install a
nd use the Internet services should, however, read the agreement on the terms and conditions? Of course.
Fortunately, if you do not like petty text and sometimes difficult to understa
nd on, then will this week program surely cheer. His specialty is the quick analysis of the contract on terms and conditions as you would not have missed potentially important or interesting provisions.
Take a few moments after you ru
n the analysis to get a relatively detailed and categorized list of all parts of the contract for which is estimated EULAlyzer that are important or potentially harmful.
In addition, the entire contract will get a special identification number, and when that number higher, then the contract is potentially dangerous. EULAlyzer not a program that will provide le
gal advice or in any way seek to explain the provision that apart, but will only provide knowledge that the contract contains provisions that would certainly worth reading.
Either way, EULAlyzer is potentially a very useful program that you should be able to easily bypass the typical pitfalls of contracts
terms and conditions, so it is recommended to have at hand and especially if you are prone to their software and various Internet services.

DOWNLOADS: http://www.box.net/shared/dm5ryhuvhq 1,7 MB