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30 January 2009

Completed F.E.A.R. 2

New continued excellent horror shooter we should play 13th February.

According to the official revealed Warner Bros., working on long-anticipated shooter FEAR 2: Project Origin is completed and the game will be after the duplication of mid next month to find in stores.

Since we do not have anything new to say about this game, remind you we, as a continuation of the excellent FEAR and whose story continues, and the authors of us this time decided to put in the boots of Michael Becketa, operative Delta Force that are sent to immure Genevieve Aristide , Babu, which is all to start. Of course, little Alma will again make us fear the bone, and more details about the game, visit the official web site.

Canon DC400

Canon DC420 has a 45x zoom and megapixel CCD sensor.

From Canon coming three new digital video camera from the line DC400, models DC420, DC411 and DC410. All models share the video recording on two-tier DVD-R, the Quick Start, which includes a camera from the state of readiness in less than a second and take pictures to SD or SDHC card.

The camera has an image processor DIGIC DV II, originally developed for HD, which will say that the video recorded in the 16:9 widescreen format. There are also 2.7-inch LCD and LED lighting, and the specifics of the new series is a 30.5-millimetre filter thread for various extensions objective. Model 420 possesses megapixel CCD sensor, 45x zoom from a USB 2.0 port, while Models DC411 and DC410 have a zoom of 41x and for the first time connection of an external microphone. Prices have not been published.

Dell Latitude XT2

Dell new release tablets will be much easier it will respect all those who will use the computer to work on the ground.
Dell has released the specifications of its new Latitud XT2 tablet, which will change the current mode XT.

From the news in the first place also has the use of 1.8-inch disk, support for a maximum of 5 GB of RAM (with the previous 3 GB) and integrated Intel X4500 graphics, which changes the ATI graphics on the earlier model. I will continue to use Intel processors low voltage. Screen also remains unchanged with a diagonal of 12.1 inches, resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels and LED lighting.

Also, reduced weight and laptops, which now amounts to a straight 1.kg which was 0.63 kg less than in previous models. One of the three built-in USB port provides PowerShare which means that the devices are connected through it can recharge even if the notebook is turned off.
Details on pricing and availability date in the market were not disclosed.

Knoll Live!

Google has announced that it will leave more or less unsuccessful projects like Google Video, Catalog Search, Google Notebook ... Some are speculation to the same could happen Knoll for very poor attendance, but it seems that Google, at least for now, there is no such a purpose.

Specifically, the company announced a
competition to write the best article on the Knoll.Issue type is not determined, but the article must be in the style of "how something works (how-to), for example," How to install Windows? " or "How to bake sausage?"
Applications are already open, and 8th
May will announce the five finalists, which will choose the site editors Dummies.com.
These articles will be publis
hed on page Dummies.com, which normally contains articles of this type. Winner will be rewarded with 1,000 U.S. dollars.

Million Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Device comes with a distinctive style in the form of picking ones for guitar!

Nokia has a lot of good selling multimedia mobile phones Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. Since the beginning of sales in October last year so far has delivered one million devices in various markets.
Nokia 5800 XpressMusic is the first company mobile phone
for the mass market with a screen sensitive to touch 3.2 inches diagonal.

As already known, the device also has a
built-8 GB of memory, stereo speakers and 3.5-millimetre connector for headphones and 3.2-Megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics. The interface is customized quick access to music, surfing the Internet and exchange pictures or videos to popular services like Flick, Facebook or It takes place usually.
Sales successfully
started in the UK and the rest of the market came during this year.

And Mozilla will monitor the habits of users

No panic - the tool is intended exclusively volunteers!

Mozilla preparing a tool specifically designed habits
followed for FireFox users when browsing the Internet. Its purpose is to improve the quality of services in their applications.
Charge for "spying" will not come standard with FireFox,
but they will have it users who want to help Mozilla by the desire to install. The data collected will connect the user's geographical location, and will thus get a picture of their habits, which will be used to improve other applications.
From Mozilla promise that we will not
collect information about which pages are visited, but will be supported by a number of visits to individual sites in the Specified period (which in turn means that they will in some way to monitor visited pages).
pages to follow.The company expects to track habits agree only 1% of FireFox users, but it will be enough to collect the desired information.
Plug-in for FireFox will appear in a
few weeks, together with the original code - for those interested in that accurate data is collected.

27 January 2009

Minoru 3D webcam 3D-ME

'Minoru' means 'reality' in Japanese, so it's no surprise we found the Minoru 3D webcam was realistic enough to cause us to jump from our office desk in fright, at the sight of our friend leering through the monitor at us.
With all the charm and good looks of a Christmas cracker gift this won't be setting the p
ace in the tech style stakes of 2009, with it being more cute than cutting edge.

We had a few initial problems when setting the 3D webcam up, it managed to crash our computer twice before working - but it was worth the wait, with the 3D image really impressive for such a dinky-sized gadget.
Of course, it's not as good as all the 3D telly we saw at CES, but you do get some depth in both the pics and the video snippets.
In order
to make the picture 3D, you have to wear the dorky glasses supplied - we're as yet to see 3D technology possible without them, sadly!

e sets of the glasses are supplied with the webcam, however the question is worth asking - do you keep one set for yourself, and send the other four to some of your favourite webcam buddies? Or does everyone buy a webcam each? Speaking of chatting with your mates, the Minoru is compatible with Skype, MSN, and you can even upload your own 3D masterpieces to YouTube.
After the trials of the initial set-up this was pretty easy and uncomplicated.
In addition to the 3D fun, the Minoru can also be used as a 2D cam - perfect for when you’ve lost all those snazzy glasses, and got over the initial novelty o
f 3D. As a 2D cam the Minoru is as good as other veteran Logitech cameras out there, and with the controls on this camera being easy to use with mics in both ears, we have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone interested in fooling around with 3D.

There’s no denying that the Minoru 3D webcam is an exciting slice of the tech cake and with dozens of budget webcams out there its three dimensional credentials are certainly a selling point.
If you’re looking for a cheap webcam that does something extra, then the Minoru is your 'cam but if you're after a high-spec, quality peripheral it may be worth looking elsewhere,price 49.95$

Windows Live and Office Live become one

In response to requests of many users, Microsoft has decided to consolidate its Live services - Windows Live and Office Live
Of course, this follows an official statement from Microsoft, but the real reasons for the centralization can only guess.

According to one scenario, the merger of two development teams in a Microsoft will reduce some costs, which include among other things, release a given part of the workers.

However, if you are a user of Windows or Office Live service, know that they will very soon be available in one place, and more about everything you can read on the official blog of Microsoft.
Office Live, according to Microsoft, uses a little more than four million users, while the Windows Live service has about 450 million users worldwide.

Ketarin - Updated Collection

Anyone who is at least one found in a situation that is being prepared to go with someone reinstall your computer knows very well that this is always preceded fast assembling collections of software that is custom, after the successful installation of Windows, install.
Of course, this means that should be download the latest versions of selected software, which is, at least, boring job.

Fortunately, and boredom can be easily solved with a little help of this actually very practical tool. Unlike tools that is intended to update the software already installed on your computer,
this focus on the installation packages.

Precise terms, enables the collection of programs that will download new versions and placing them in a directory that you specify.
The advantage of this approach is not only that you will always be able to bri
ng with them fresh installation of the software selected, but you have a specific version of the history of each program, so if you create a new version of the problems, you can easily install an older.
As a source to download the installation program, you will find a field in which it is enough to enter the identifier of the FileHippu (actually the FileH
ippo enough paste the address from where it is possible to download the installation).

Ketarin offers another method of monitoring the new version of the application. The vast majority of cases, the software is usually available with a fixed Internet address, a file you download is usually different from the previous version by the number which is located in its name.
That Ketarin used (except that the information can automatically withdraw from PAD files)
, so when adding the program can be a full URL to replace the tag number (or have some other parameter) variable whose value will then Ketarin retrieve every time and so establish the correct address to download new versions of the program.
Whole method is easier to use than it at first glance may seem.
Just in the field paste the full URL to the installation files, and tag number or other swap part of its name to replace any variable.
This variable can be any word (except for the previously defined variables), the main that is surrounded by curly brackets.
After that, it is necessary to indicate Ketarin where should retrieve the value for that variable, and that you do so you'll Ketarin litera
lly point to some Web sites where they will regularly publish numeric designation (or other parameter).

Ketarin not automatically at regular intervals to check whether there are any new versions, but you'll occasionally have to work alone, which is actually quite logical.
The whole list of programs, of course, possible to record and to the XML format.
All in all, although
this is still relatively early edition, Ketarin has proven to be a pretty useful tool that your business is performing well, and for him you do not have to pay anything.

DOWNLOADS: http://www.box.net/shared/p2gegm06ih 772 KB

New beta BF Heroes

Although we are already half a year to play the full version, free shooter will soon move into a new round of testing.

Last week at the site battlefield-heroes-beta-key-signup battlefield Heroes appeared notice of receiving the registration for the new beta. Players who have the key from the previous test period does not need to re-register but automatically fall into the beta, which would reportedly have to start soon.

How long will it take, it is difficult to predict, as well as the time when there will be a game that many so eagerly expected (because of a gratuity, the other for gameplay) finally appear, but according to the promise of the author, the exact date of departure should be published "soon." Week, two a month, half a year?

Dangerous security flaw in QuickTimeu

Apple has issued a critical security patch for its multimedia player QuickTime.
Patch should solve the dangerous security flaw , which allows the potential attacker taking over control of the user's computer. Attack can be done through vicious files from movies to AVI formats and QTVR, or RTSP URL.

Some vulnerabilities have been reported in Apple QuickTime, which can be exploited by malicious people to compromise a user's system.
1) A boundary error exists in the processing of RTSP URLs. This can be exploited to cause a heap-based buffer overflow when a specially crafted RTSP URL is accessed.

2) An error due to improper validation of transform matrix data exists when processing Track Header (THKD) atoms in QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR) movie files. This
can be exploited to cause a heap-based buffer overflow via a specially crafted QTVR file.

3) An error in the processing of "nBlockAlign" values in the "_WAVEFORMATEX" structure of AVI headers can be exploited to cause a heap-based buffer overflow when a specially crafted AVI file is accessed.

4) A boundary error exists in the processing of MPEG-2 video files containing MP3 audio content, which can be exploited to cause a buffer overflow via a specially crafted movie file.

5) An unspecified error exists in the processing of H.263 encoded movie files, which can be exploited to cause a memory corruption when a specially crafted movie file is viewed.

6) A signedness error exists within the processing of the MDAT atom when handling Cinepak encoded movie files. This can be exploited to cause a heap-based buffer overflow when a specially crafted movie file is viewed.

7) An error exists within the function JPEG_DComponentDispatch() when processing the image width data in JPEG atoms embedded in STSD atoms. This can be exploited to cause a memory corruption when a specially crafted movie file is viewed.

All users QuickTime 7 for Windows to Mac OS X are affected by this problem, and therefore in Apple certainly recommend upgrading to the newest

Computer Monitor

Can not be less - MSI WindBOX should not be a place on the table.

MSI WindBOX represents the desktop computer, although this is not the fact that does not take place either on the table or next to him.

Specifically, the computer is extremely small dimensions, and placed with the rear monitor via VESA compatible slot.

Embedded within Intel 1.6-GHz Atom, integrated Intel GMA 950 graphics and
gigabyte working memory. Cooling is done passively, so the computer does not produce noise at work, and the entire cabinet to the refrigerator.
Disk capacity has not been p
ublished, and MSI has announced compatibility with SATA II disks. Since connections are Ethernet, three USB and VGA, a reader for the three types of memory cards is also here. Assured access and Wi-Fi networks.
Launch date and price have not yet officially released, but it is expected that the European market price WindBOX and will not exceed 200 euros.

Lluon Mobbit MID

The future of such devices would be a little lighter when they would be able to call up

-The company Trigla, known under the name Averatec, the sale was released Lluon Mobbit MID - its first MID with Intel Atom.
For now, this is a small computer to access the Internet sale only in Korea but it is expected to appear on other markets.

Built-diagonal screen is 4.8 inches with high resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels and is sensitive to touch. For processor was 1.33-GHz Intel Atom, while the built-gigabyte working memory, 30 GB of persistent memory and Windows XP Home.
From wireless ways to connect, there are Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and the Korean WiBro
(wireless broadband), and good will come and camera resolution two megapixel.

In Korea, the device is sold at a price of about $ 550 (converted).

25 January 2009

Trojan targeted at users of Mac computers

General knowledge is a matter that the owners of the computer that runs one of the solutions Apple operating systems and those where the 'spin' some of the distribution of Linux in a better position than the owner of a computer with Windows.
However, it sometimes appears as an online temptation directed towards them How to report security experts houses Intego, appeared tempter a new focus on the Mac computer owners.
It is called OSX.Trojan.iServices.A, and distributed to the pirated version Apple software solutions iWork'09, is currently present in many torrent networks.
When a user installs a version of the software, Trojan is installed as one of the programs that run the system, as part of service iWorkServices.
Temptation itself automatically have all the rights of reading, writing and execution, the administrator complete control.
Trojan connects to a remote server, taking on additional files needed to download a system that is.According to the Intego, until now such a version of the software iWork'09 taken about 20,000 users.

Passion by mini DisplayPortu

Towards the end of last year came to the knowledge that Adapter cable to connect the 30 "-inch Dual-Link DVI monitor via mini DisplayPorta occasionally cause distorted image on the monitor, after which it is necessary to unplug the cable and connect again.
This is indicated visitors blog Gizmodo with same problem that sorry Apple, and stated that his answer to the question cable compatible only with Apple's 30-inch Cinema HD monitors.
On the Apple site you can buy a controversial cable noted this is not the limit, bu
t interesting is that from the 44 posts related to the cable that comes average grade 2, and that line users complain HP, Dell, Samsung and other manufacturers of monitors.
Apple on the forum can be found, and comments that cable does not work even with some 30 "-based Cinema HD monitors.
Apple has not yet been officially made a statement, but the fact is that many buyers of these cables, the price of one hundred dollars, a very unhappy
because it is so far not there is a solution of their problems.

Nokia N79 Active

The Nokia N79 is equipped with Active and A-GPS navigation application and the Nokia Sports TrackerNokia introduced a mobile phone N79 Active which comes bundled with a wireless belt to measure heart rate company Polar.

N79 is equipped with Active and A-G
PS navigation application and the Nokia Sports Tracker, which allows easy monitoring of sports activities and set the data to the Internet.
Other features of the mobile phone include 5-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, FM radio, support for HSDPA and WiFi, and advanced multimedia features.
The devi
ce would soon be available in selected markets, and recommended price, without taxes and operator subsidies, is 375 euros.

Announced Metal Drift

-Experienced programmers will soon announce the futuristic action title.

Independent development team Black Jack Studios has announced that in the first half of this year, planned to announce Metal Drift, futuristic action game with the vehicles in the leading roles.
As proof of the quality of the report alleges that after the game are veterans of the industry some of which are working on the well-known projects such as tribes, while I Metal Drift hosts 56 different configurations tanks with different weapons and capabilities upgrades.
In parallel with the announcement have been made and the official web site games where you can find out more information.

Tough stance

-The authors Velvet Assassin remain consistent application of morphine in the game.
If the judge on the example of Fallout 3, the upcoming Velvet Assassin will have a disgusting problem with
rigorous rules Australian Committee for the classification of games and could be banned in the country kangaroo.
In the game, namely the British spyhole abundantly used
morphine to slowed time and executed by all manner of deadly procedures as the direct link with the actual drugs.
In SouthPeak say that you do not intend to renounce morphine or rename it in a fictitious name because it is good to know that is the same used to ease pain at all belligerent.
As he says Aubrey Norris from SouthPeak, the authors of the players want to afford you a copy of an
objective reality, and morphine at the time in which the action takes place was quite common drug to ease pain.

23 January 2009

Serious Samurize 1.64.3 - Mighty warrior far east

If you are advanced user processor clock to starvation, to be precise insight into the traffic on the Net, or your mail inbox on your desktop, Samurize is what you are looking for. Serious Samurize is one of many programs for monitoring computer activity. What distinguishes it from the competition a few things.
The state has to show every d
etail of the computer, such as the amount of space on the disks, memory commitment, flow of data on the Internet, how many batteries spent on notebook or how long the computer is switched on, but also many advanced data using WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation ), and the MAC number of the network card, over-speed cache on the processor, until the number of function keys on the keys? The choice is so large that it can compare with the unlimited. Doing his job in style.
Therefore, all information on the computer displays on the desktop. For all controls a large number of display modes, both text and graphics.

In addition, opportunities for the design of these controls are surprisingly large, so you can achieve exactly what you want. The first thing we are interested is the Config tool, after running, you'll see the user interface to be used for design. Right-clicking the drawing area will appear a list of meters that can be used.
What we are particularly attracted attention is that each indicator can add Alert Value or the value measured the size of which represents prague. So, if the commitment, for example, RAM is greater (or less, depends on the settings) of some values that you specify, you will be alerted to this, which is useful for "critical" values such as temperature. You can choose to color the cursor changes, but also can specify the buzzer, and choose whether you want the ads to one or continuously.
After you've played with all the elements, it is necessar
y to record the work. The file is .Ini format and contains all the settings, and is activated by clicking the right button on the tray icon and selecting the Select Config File, where you can choose other settings, whether it is your work of art or some other configuration file is downloaded from Internet.From this menu you can run a lot of editing to change the language and a new update.


Samurize can set the desktop mail account, More precisely, to show new e-mails, how many of them, who have been sent and that the title of the e-mail you received.
Excellent thing is support for JavaScript and VBA, so if you had any contact with t
he programming, or more accurately for Web programming, in a simple way you can add a completely arbitrary details of the desktop. For example, a combination of two previous options - using JavaScript put a picture if your inbox is empty, and another to indicate that you have received new mail. Another possibility is rarely seen is the integration of media player in the desktop. Samurize supports the integration of three most popular: Winamp, FooBar and QCD.
This means that you have the ability to adjust the desktop to the example shows the name of the song and artist treasures large glass case, which have a shadow on the top of your desktop. Using various parameters, you can make Samurize to show absolutely
everything about the song. And only with a few clicks.

DOWNLOADS: http://www.box.net/shared/hy4god8z84 5.3MB

DivX 7 - DivX Pro 7 - Enjoy Free High-Quality Video'

-DivX® 7 for Windows is a free download that provides everything you need to enjoy high-quality digital videos on your computer, including HD H.264 (.mkv) videos with AAC audio and videos created using all previous versions of DivX technology. You can also play your DivX files (.divx, .avi) on millions of DivX Certified® devices today. Look for DivX Plus™ HD Certified devices later this year that will support playback of all DivX and DivX Plus files, as well as .mkv (H.264/AAC) videos from the Internet.

-DivX® Pro 7 for Windows is our premium software offering, providing everything you need for a true HD experience. Utilizing our latest and greatest video technology based on H.264, the new standard for HD digital video, DivX Pro 7 lets you create HD video and play MKV videos with high-quality AAC audio. You can also play your DivX files (.divx, .avi) on millions of DivX Certified® devices today. Look for DivX Plus™ HD Certified devices later this year that will support playback of all DivX and DivX Plus files, as well as .mkv (H.264/AAC) videos from the Internet.

DOWNLOADS: http://www.box.net/shared/xub69tqfeo 19.4 MB

21 January 2009

ZScanner 800 - 3D Model Photos

The ZScanner 800 has all the capabilities of the ZScanner 700 plus higher resolution and accuracy suitable for demanding 3D inspection applications as well as reverse engineering, design, manufacturing, digital mockups and simulations.


* 5X the resolution and 2X-3X the accuracy of the ZScanner 7
* Third high-definition camera increases scanning resolution and accuracy within 40µm (microns) and detect
s changes in surface height down to 50µm
* First-ever automatic, multi-resolution function that self calibrates the resolution level
based on the type of surface being scanned.
* Push-button activation for high resolution mode

ZScanner Advantages

* First and only handheld, self-orienting 3D scanner, eliminating the need for fixed-position tripods, bulky mechanical arms or external positioning devices that make make hard-to-reach surfaces nearly impossible to scan
* Uniquely part-referenced, allowing you to move the target object during
scanning and see a real-time image of the surface being scanned
* Capture data in one
continuous scan rather than in numerous shots from fixed positions, eliminating hours of post-processing time
* Includes ZScan™ software that automatically produces an .stl file for import into a 3D CAD software package or output to a 3D printer.

Picture Porter 35

At its 160 GB Picture Porter can store a large number of photos.
Digital Foci company introduced the device names Picture Porter 35th It is a device that is used for archiving and viewing photos, with a capacity of 160 GB - twice more than the previous model. Apart from capacity, and upgraded the software.
Picture Porter can read meta data items associated with photographs, supports the view RAW photos of various manufacturers of digital cameras than the pictures can show the video in the MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and Motion JPEG formats.
Reproduction of music in AAC, MP3 and WMA formats is also supported.
On the device are slots for most popular types of memory cards. USB port can serve to create a backup of data on portable drives without the use of computers.
Price Picture Porter, 35 is not yet known, as deliveries to the American market will not begin before the summer, reported in the Digital Foci.

Pence DVR - Recording Pen

The idea so far only seen in films about James Bond - pen that captures video, will make many want to have surveillance.

The company Swann Communications has announced the names of the device Pence DVR. It is a mini-camera hidden in a pen that captures video.
Unlike previous models, which required the receiver which sends the recorded material, this "pen" to completely independently. Integrated memory capacity of 2 MB can store up to three hours of material, after which a simple form (via a USB) recorded transferred to a computer. In addition, Pence DVR to record and sound.
Built-in battery allows for about 90 minutes of work, and not forget to mention that the pen can be - written. Price it to the U.S. market is $ 120.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus za Windows 7

According to statements from Kaspersky new antivirus drive is much more efficient and faster to detect malignant programs and a variety of Internet threats than its predecessor .
Kaspersky Lab presented the prototype of its technical antivirus for Windows operating system 7th Prototype Kaspersky Anti-Virus is based on a new virus facility which provides complex protection from viruses, worms, trojans horses, spyware, unauthorized intrusions into the system, spam and other electronic threats that are beyond the Internet.
According to statements from Kaspersky new antivirus drive is much more efficient and faster to detect malignant programs and a variety of Internet threats than its predecessor.
The final version of the new Kaspersky Anti-Virus should be available simultaneously with the release of Windows 7, and Kapersky announce that up to then have a complete offer of its security tools, customized to work with the new Microsoft operating system.
All interested prototype Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows 7 can be found at this address.

10-inch Aspire One

Notebooks in the category for which it was originally designed to contain small and cheap models began to grow - almost every manufacturer already has a notebook something larger diagonal.
After he was removed from the throne and his Asus Eee PC, Acer has its success stories has decided to refresh. New in Acer line notebooks comes in the form of model Aspire One 103rd

According to still unofficial information, it is a notebook with a diagonal of ten inches, which will use the Intel Atom N270 or N280. Will come with working memory capacity of one gigabyte, and the disc with a capacity of 160 GB. Will be available yet, and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and optional 3G module. Since ports are present three USB reader and SDHC memory cards, and other benefits may include multi-touch touchpad and a web camera.
Notebook will come with Windows XP, and the price and date of availability on the market are not known.

19 January 2009

LaCinema Classic

Play your movies on your HDTV in two easy steps: connect the LaCinema Classic to your computer via Hi-Speed USB 2.0 for easily storing movies and then connect it to a TV for instant playback. No configuration is required.
Store hundreds of movies, thousands of songs and thousands of photos. A wide variety of video, photo and music formats are supported including DivX, XviD, JPEG, and MP3. Movies and photos look much better on your HDTV with HD JPEG 1080p upscaling.
With no compromise on quality, the LaCinema Classic goes one step further by adding upscaling capabilities through HDMI output. This user-friendly drive is fanless for silent operation and comes with an easy-to-use on-screen menu and remote control.
Compact and lightweight, it’s great for taking with you when
visiting friends or family or on vacation.

Worm Downadup in breakthrough

According to F-Secure report, a new variant of worms Downadup (also known as Conficker and Kido) infections has been more than nine million computers fail to play the Windows Server service, which is used for sharing resources in the local network.

For such a large number of infections to be a two-week, but it is important to mention that the number of infections in the last four days jumped from 2.4 million to over nine million!

Therefore, if you have not already, pick up all the Windows update.
Otherwise, the specific update that prevents the installation of the above-mentioned worms on your computer can be downloaded via this site.
Tool to remove it can be freely downloaded from the F-Secure site through this

Google Chrome

If you have not already tried, now is perhaps the right time to download the new version of Google Chrome.
Currently carries serial number, and more or less is almost identical to previous versions with the difference that now brings support for the implementation of the custom scripts, which is a first step towards the development of complete systems for add-ons that Chrome does not yet have.
Users of earlier versions will be automatically upgraded to this, and those who do not have it yet, Chrome be downloaded from the official site at

Note for those who appreciate their privacy - Chrome extensively recorded and reported to Google search, the addresses you visit on the Internet and all this in relation to a unique user number of installations.

YouTube on TV

YouTube yesterday launched a new possibility - for AOL Television. It is about access to the video service through the site specifically customized for multimedia hub or TV network capabilities.
Instead mouse interface is controlled by remote control, and confirmed for the PlayStation 3 and Wii Nintendo. Navigation is facilitated by using a larger text, and the interface is maximally simplified. The system is still in beta phase, but already is available in 22 states and in 13 languages, lead to the official YouTube blog.
Although YouTube has signed contracts with major television manufacturers about the involvement of possibilities of direct access service in their products, to date, the number of HDTV's that have incorporated some form of web browser or access to YouTube is extremely small.
YouTube (or a big Google) hopes that this move will encourage manufacturers to offer a broader range of HDTV, which will be able to access Web video.
There is one small problem YouTube relatively low quality of available material. In order to deal with that problem is already some time in the service set of high-definition content.

Mortality Barracuda

Seagate hard drive has a big problem with the cessation of work terabyte its Barracuda 7200.11. More users by the official forums registers fast deterioration of the discs, while the services are set 30 to 40 percent of failures.
One user forums with claims that he was given in three months canceled three RAID disk in the field, while another user stopped four Barracuda only 12 days of purchase. The problem is apparently in microcode device firmware (version SD15) on drives produced in Thailand.
Software after a short time, reported the defect and locked the disk, so it's either the computer BIOS may not recognize. The only solution is the departure of the service.
Seagate has admitted the mistake, and on the official website offers more information about the stories and the new version of firmware.
It should be noted that users can not upgrade the firmware yourself if the problem has already been performed, but in this case, the company offers the coverage of the cost of return data.

18 January 2009

EULAlyzer 2.0 - Legal Analyst

In a moment you can find quite annoying surprised when you realize that the contract on which you have committed to agree on an action to which no one in the healthy mind would never agree.
A good example is the agreement on the terms and condition
s, which has recently been raised by quite some dust.
Of course, it is about Google's new browser Chrome whose initial terms at least was shocking and you are agreeing to the license terms, among other things, renounced all copyrights which is everythin
g you write in Chrome automatically become the intellectual property of Google.
Sounds serious? This is because this is so.
However, if this means that you every time when you install a
nd use the Internet services should, however, read the agreement on the terms and conditions? Of course.
Fortunately, if you do not like petty text and sometimes difficult to understa
nd on, then will this week program surely cheer. His specialty is the quick analysis of the contract on terms and conditions as you would not have missed potentially important or interesting provisions.
Take a few moments after you ru
n the analysis to get a relatively detailed and categorized list of all parts of the contract for which is estimated EULAlyzer that are important or potentially harmful.
In addition, the entire contract will get a special identification number, and when that number higher, then the contract is potentially dangerous. EULAlyzer not a program that will provide le
gal advice or in any way seek to explain the provision that apart, but will only provide knowledge that the contract contains provisions that would certainly worth reading.
Either way, EULAlyzer is potentially a very useful program that you should be able to easily bypass the typical pitfalls of contracts
terms and conditions, so it is recommended to have at hand and especially if you are prone to their software and various Internet services.

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