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25 December 2008

All about Symbian OS

If you own mobile phones with the Symbian operating system, or want to obtain such, this is the right choice on the network if you want information and create their "for" and "against" the purchase of such devices. These appliances is more and more on the market, so they are great chances that you will soon meet with them.

All About Symbian (AAS) exists for almost three years, and has grown from a simple map with the latest developments to the influential web portal as it is now. AAS so long thanks to a professional web team aided efforts many volunteers, enthusiasts in the Symbian community. In addition to a web and wap site AAS, almost the same feature set as its bigger brother. Page offers very high quality content that is, of course, refers to mobile phones with the Symbian systems, series 80 and older series 60. Here you can find the forum as well as processed detailed list of hardware and software with their prices and availability on the market. The software offering is available in the shareware and freeware versions, and contains a large number of links.
In short, the page is a pity to miss, even if you do not plan to the device with the Symbian system, just because of its details which offers visitors and its high quality content.