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25 December 2008

All about Symbian OS

If you own mobile phones with the Symbian operating system, or want to obtain such, this is the right choice on the network if you want information and create their "for" and "against" the purchase of such devices. These appliances is more and more on the market, so they are great chances that you will soon meet with them.

All About Symbian (AAS) exists for almost three years, and has grown from a simple map with the latest developments to the influential web portal as it is now. AAS so long thanks to a professional web team aided efforts many volunteers, enthusiasts in the Symbian community. In addition to a web and wap site AAS, almost the same feature set as its bigger brother. Page offers very high quality content that is, of course, refers to mobile phones with the Symbian systems, series 80 and older series 60. Here you can find the forum as well as processed detailed list of hardware and software with their prices and availability on the market. The software offering is available in the shareware and freeware versions, and contains a large number of links.
In short, the page is a pity to miss, even if you do not plan to the device with the Symbian system, just because of its details which offers visitors and its high quality content.

43Things -Joint todo list

We all have goals in life, starting from simple ones like "wash the dishes and throw out the trash at the time" to those demanding a "graduate Nuclear Physics." Some of us are precisely and in order and have them all written somewhere, but most of all that rambling way half-defined on the head. And people who understand the story say that the first step in the realization consists in making lists.
Well, you see ...
Site by name 43things goes one step further and offers you an opportunity not only to note their goals, but also to make them available to almost 100 000 other surfers. But why would someone want to do in general, you ask?
Because it is much easier when you see that you are not the only ones who want to fix your diet, but there is still some one thousand people with the same aim. And some seventy who have already succeeded. Or you want to finally learn to cook and deal you disgusting, but going to 43things and see that there is still one thousand (1016, if we will be more precise) people who want the same.
The way reading room and advice from those 140 which is to work for the hand.
And if you think that the entire site down to the simple and universal goals, is very wrong. What do you say to say this: spend an entire day watching the extended version of all three Lord of the Rings movies back-to-back-to-back? Or let's say become a bigger nerd? Palette is therefore very broad, and you can always add your own, original and never seen before goal.

ThinkPad with two screens

In the category of desktop replacement translators Lenovo has gone one step further. ThinkPad W700ds the first notebook with two screens - the primary, 17 inches diagonal, and the secondary diagonal of 10.6 inches.
Greater than two screen was allegedly with its 400 nita most Lighter on the market. Small, vertically mounted screen, it is possible to rotate to the port of 30 degrees, while the resolution is 768 x 1.280 pixels.
Other components of this, as it is called Lenovo, mobile workstations are also at high level.
Along with the choice of Intel Core 2 Quad processor comes Nvidia graphic processor Quadro FX 3700M, a maximum of 8 GB DDR3 working memory and a total of 960 GB of disk space, combined SSD's and hard drives.
Electronic basis drawing is also included.
The price of this almost five kilograms of severe computer on the American market starts from 3.600 U.S. dollars (for the basic configuration).

The sun as a backlight

Although the LCD screens for sunlight really bad friend, considering that reduces visibility, the new LG carrier proves the contrary. It is a prototype of translators that sunlight is used as a backlight its 14.1-inch screen, which saves up to 75% of energy if it is used outdoors for a nice time.
Users power supply backlighting brightness themselves off as needed by pressing a key. In this way, saving the battery given that background lamp does not have to work, while the screen switches in the reflector mode.
Also, the enhanced visibility on the screen when greater brightness. The new screen in these conditions has a contrast of 9:1, while the contrast to the traditional screens that are installed on the notebook maximum 3:1
Notebook will be exhibited at the January CES-in. Details about the costs of production and how it would be the first notebook with Reflector screens can be found on the market were not disclosed.

Microsoft applications for the iPhone

Microsoft has released his first application for the iPhone, which is the popular Apple "smart" phone has become available and before he released for Microsoft's own mobile platform Windows Mobile.

Application called Seadragon Mobile, which is available through the Apple App Store Saturday, a free tool for viewing a very large images on the screens of mobile devices that enables users to quickly "zoom in depth."
As the reason for issuing Seadragon first for the iPhone representatives of Microsoft Live Labs indicated that the first mass use mobile device with integrated advanced graphics subsystem, which allows you to execute complex graphics operations that until now were not possible on mobile devices.
Microsoft reportedly is developing more applications for the iPhone, such as solutions for voice search that will be available for a range of popular mobile platforms, including the iPhone.

Fennec on Symbian

Mozilla browser expands its mobile platforms. Alpha version of Firefox for Windows Mobile is already available for some time, and now came the announcement not only that the Symbian version of the plan, but that is coming very soon. In fact, Firefox Mobile, or how it was like to be called - Fennec, for all mobile phones with Symbian will arrive in April next year.

According to the announcements it will bring innovation handful - of the in
novative management pestanyes, viewing pages in full size (full-screen), to the intelligent multipurpose fields for entering addresses. The test version of the browser with the basic opportunities will be available already in February. From the Mozilla stressed that Symbian is an important step in the spread of Firefox on mobile platforms. In the third quarter of Symbian was held almost 50% of the market, a Windows Mobile 11.1%, and Fennec will also be available for most users smartphone.
Other platforms, iPhone, RIM and android recently taken market Symbian and Windows Mobile, but because of licensing restrictions Mozilla for them not to develop the browser.

Solar charger for emergency

British Battech presented a solar charger that will give you at critical moments charge the battery on your mobile phone, PMP and similar portable devices.
Conditioning is the name iPower SX (from which it is not hard to guess that buyers are targets), a solar energy battery to full capacity built 2.200 mAh which is according to manufacturer enough 50 hours of music playback on an iPod classic.

Apart from the iPod and iPhone can be charged and most mobile phones you and other manufacturers, MP3 players, some cameras and portable game consoles.
If the cloudy weather own battery can fill through the USB port, and how much energy is left shows the indicator. The price of this charger, which would be suitable to serve on longer trips, the price is 62 dollars.

24 December 2008

Xtreme Photo Designer 6 - Extremely simple

This is a surprisingly well-equipped image editor that not only has the tools you've used if you have previously used some of them, but it is even richer than some standard that we meet. This is a completely free, and ask whether the stay.
It is very good and simple interface,and everyone would be very easy to make, the basic tools are located on the palette on the left side of the window, while the most interesting options on the toolbar at the top of the window.
No matter
what would this program, at least by name, could line up in the advanced editors meant something more experienced users, the truth is actually quite different. Tools that offers customized and total beginners, a great number of opportunities utilizable without the need for more specific tuning parameters available.
That is possible only with one click optimize color ratio, the level of contrast or brightness, fix exposure, red eye effect from photos to create panoramic, with photos remove various art effects and damage, tighten, resize and rotate, and much more.
Since the action easily undone, and all the changes that are doing now, you can see, and only when you are fully satisfied, decide and implement them on the photo with the work. There is Xtreme Photo Designer fairly well equipped. Just choose the only special effect you want.

With a lot of other options and tools, which are all well described in a free guide in PDF format that you need from the official Web site to download separately (weighs about a hundred pages, which only confirms that the Xtreme Photo Designer very well equipped).
Can be listed and the possibility of recording the contents of the screen, support for scanners and the possibility of optimizing the format, which captures images that would be suitable for display on the Internet. When we talk about formats, there's a surprise, except the typical format, was able to open and record in Photoshop PSD format. Cool.
Xtreme Photo Designer really good image editor that will have no problem to meet many home users.

DOWNLOADS: http://www.box.net/shared/53qtx1jh85 14.9 MB

20 December 2008

ACTIVECOLLAB -All You Need - On Your Server

ActiveCollab differs from the majority of these Web applications through what it must install on your server. The advantage is firstly that their data does not give anyone, but because reliability depends on you.
There are two types of licenses, which vary in opportunities (collects a calendar, ticket system, etc.) but I have number of projects, clients or in one is not limited. These are solutions that are developed from the open source and grew very successfully in the application.
The primary purpose activeCollab organization of the project. Deadlines, exchange files and lists the basic tasks of the possibilities of this detailed application.
More advanced users will appreciate the ability to track employee work (time tracking) as well as a calendar. Favorite greater the advantage, however activeCollaba ability to create their own plug-ins, completely changes the interface and API.

- Fully adaptive, the wealth of features, your data remain

- You must have your own server

IMPRESSION - If you need more options and information you want on your own server, activeCollab is a reliable solution


Microsoft Office finally on the Internet. Besides being a bad name, Workspace is unfortunately application that Microsoft is not supposed to. With the spread of Web applications outside the Web 2.0 sphere of development and Google Docs, and Microsoft decided to go this route. Mesh and Silveright Redmond are the main pillar, and with them appeared and Workspace.
This is useful in applications so that documents can be shared with others, but unfortunately there are a huge blemish. Documents can not rotate within the Workspace, although they can create and organize.
Although it is understandable that Microsoft does not want to jeopardize his Office, without these opportunities Workspace lose any meaning. Application itself has a nice interface and extremely fast. When Microsoft decides to allow work on documents, Workspace in no respect to the daring delayed for

- speed, price

- Do not allow work on documents

IMPRESSION - With Google Docs, Zoho and similar applications, why even use Workspace

EXPRESS - Excel for Society

Did you know that the "social" or-sharing capabilities that Excel is missing? Just to direct Express, a very specialized web-based application. The basic functionality is to work on Excel files, production files, and save more.
To documents CTO easily organized, to consist of tags, the system notes and files. Individual documents can be compared side-by-side or copy only certain fields within the document.
Given that the documents can be shared with others, specifically the possibility of obtaining useful information when the document is opened or changed.
Depending on the user that the document, you can set all the user with him can do so, edit, download and more. Interface and is not the most attractive but serves the purpose and provides new opportunities to work spreadsheet documents.

PLUS - Unique features and simplicity
MINUS - I do not support Firefox, Safari or Opera
IMPRESSION - If you are running Excel documents, Express will serve

ZOHO - The Complete Package for the Office

One step away from the Docs, Zoho offers applications not only for text documents and spreadsheets, but also a wiki, planner, chat, database and others.
Unlike Docs, Zoho applications have many more opportunities, for example, add styles in the texts. However, unlike the large text on your desktop processors, the above-mentioned possibilities are not hidden within the unnecessary menu.
You can save documents as templates, but also to share with anyone either, not only with customers Zoho. Most of the applications is completely free, so you will only pay for some applications, and that only with an increased number of users or projects, for example. Zoho is not overly beautified interface such as Google, but for those who do not wish to be fully Google "eco-system" or should be more opportunities than those that Google Docs offers a very good set of services.

- Free, great applications and a large selection of applications

- confusing system of subscription

IMPRESSION - probably the best set of online office tools

GOOGLE DOCS - Documents on the Google Way

Google Docs is a direct competitor to Microsoft Office. The basis of functionality allows you to write documents, save on the Internet and send to friends.
Docs supports Word, Open Office, Excel and PowerPoint formats, and documents can save in the above-mentioned, as well as PDF or RTF, or PPT.

Although there is no possibility such as Microsoft applications, precisely because of this extremely easy to use. Adding pictures in documents and is even easier than in Word, although does not support so many formats.
Documents that you create can be sent and their collaborators at the same time to collaborate on documents. Learning, developing plans and similar activities with Docs and Gtalk in the background are very practical. Opening of documents every time the new card is still sometimes pain.

PLUS - Free, work with others, supports all popular formats
- The availability of documents depends on Google

IMPRESSION - Quality set of tools to work with most types of documents

AMAZON S3 - Space is Almost Unlimited

If you mention Box.net or Rapidshare does not offer enough space, a web server is too expensive, S3 could be sufficient. Amazon has decided to rent a sizable area. Given that this is a service available via the API, HTTP and FTP, your options are not limited to beckup or to save your data from your Web applications, tempting simplicity with a low price is very tempting.
With a few dozen client applications for S3, automatic backup is also very simple. No matter how practical S3 was, is not flawless. In June they were six hours in the fall of the service, many companies and Web sites could not get to their important information. Many did not feel it, but the ones that are the basis of these data operations are definitely felt. Use of space and traffic is charged by usage, so that no advance payment.

- Budget, a simple

- No right interface for the Web
IMPRESSION - Make a large number of data available on the Internet for a small price

BOX.NET - Digital box

If you have more than 10 MB that you want to send to a friend, e-mail is no longer an option.Box.net is nothing more than a hard disk on the Internet, but the competition is different in small, fine advantages.
Free registration you get a limit of 1 GB of space and 10 GB of traffic per month. Monthly join increases the limit on the traffic, increases the number of users who can access the disk itself and sizes, depending on the join. Their advantage Box.net see opportunities for companies and organizations, which receive the possibility of branding sites (which is always a lot of nice).
Their data, you can access and mobile phone. Box.net can be much more useful to those who Rapidshare is not enough, but do not want to buy your own server, hosting or access the data via FTP.

PLUS - a simple function, interface understandable and beginners
MINUS - Additional those with their own FTP solution
IMPRESSION - Practical applications, but insufficient opportunities that would not be replaced

NetVibes - My home, my freedom

And if most home more often on our browsers search engine, most often as, NetVibes is imposed as an excellent alternative. Not only do other than search engine offers far more opportunities than, for example. Google IG with your widget, the interface is extremely easy.
As the browsers are creating cards, and NetVibes allows the creation of their own, such as pages. On each page, add widgets or mini-applications such as weather forecasts, to'do lists, applications for Facebook and others.
In addition NetVibes can be used as an RSS reader, adding the page you want.
Do not expect any paid ads, because they are in NetVibesu decided to sponsor through the monetization of content that you choose if you want. NetVibes is a powerful under the hood, easy to use and free.

- Simple interface with a lot of opportunities

- The major resolutions could be better solved organization applications
IMPRESSION - Alternative to ordinary home page, potentially useful to anyone

17 December 2008

Virus attacked Facebook

Facebook threatens Koobeface virus that spreads among users by sending messages to people who are on a user's friends list, which already has a virus infect. In the message, there is a link that, when a user clicks on it, leading to the malicious page from which it comes to infection and download virus on your computer.
One of the problems with these viruses is the fact that the wider through Facebook where users believe him, and the colors are not threats from viruses and malware. Antivirus software manufacturers believe that over time virus attacks become more targeted, and thus more difficult to detect, and protect the user. According to them, which is a smaller group that targets the virus, this will be a greater problem for users and antiviral software to fight against them.

Epson offers a free plug-in for Photoshop and InDesign

On the Internet is accessible to a new plug-in support for Epson Stylus printers in December, intended for installation in Adobe CS2 / 3 graphics applications. Software Mirage Premium Edition, is compatible with the Apple operating system OSX, and with Windows XP and 32-bit and 64-bit Vista, it enables faster and more efficient work with all of the features, tools and settings that are required in a layout. Adobe plug-in, whose suggested retail price is 399 euros , users can get for free when you register your Epson printer on the network destination MyEpsonprinter.eu. Quick and easy to use, Mirage Premium Edition saves time and money by enabling users to print without the need for complex drivers, and thus reduces the potential for errors in printing. The software supports all the ways of working with color (color modes), including combined ways of working in a document and allows any length of print in Panorama mode, and is compatible with applications, Photoshop and InDesign.

Opening PDF and in Gmail

In recent times, Gmail gets more and more new and interesting options, a recently introduced option is the possibility of opening a PDF file without the need for using any software installed on your computer. When the opening of such files in Gmail now, in addition to the download, users can select and view only show that is an option.
Clicking on it opens a new tab, and PDF loaded directly into Google Docs. Apart from the opening of a PDF, users can also be the most options for easier navigation PDF and are quick to switch pages and zoom.
After this question is that more options can be expected in Gmail, and whether Google us to the end of this year with a surprise even to some useful possibilities of your mail client.

Malware in Google ads

From Websense warning that some links on Google ads will lead to malicious sites where you get to install malware on your computer. So some links that offer Winrar, a tool for file compression, users will lead to pages that get to download and install malicious software that changes the page that the user opens so instead of Google, Yahoo and other sites open pages that control the attackers on a computer . Such links are a great danger for users because Hacking & Cracking, instead of exploiting the security failure, now deliberately malware through legitimate ads on Google, where would never thought that the word about the fraud. This situation leads to the question - who is to blame for this situation? Google, which does not test the credibility of links or users themselves, who eventually drop Fraud Bin victims. In any case, the Google want to avoid such problems in the future and are working to remove links that carry malware from its advertising network.

Microsoft patchira flaw in Explorer

A lot of the last days spoke about the security flaw in Microsoft Internet Explorer, through which they could take advantage of Hacking & Cracking private information of millions of Internet users. Those users would only need to gain fraudulent sites on which they should not download any material, but would take on control over other computers could come during the visit to this site. From Microsoft were yesterday reacted to this omission, which is concerned about many users and said that intends to issue a critical update. So far they suffered only users of Internet Explorer 7, but from that company have been warned and users of lower version to make because they caused these failures. While things are not repair it would be wise to use a third party.

16 December 2008

Folding screen for mobile phones

Engineer from the Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute developed electro foretski TFT display for use in cellular phones, which is the first of its kind that can be fold. Is completely open bias of even 5 inches, which is unusually large for mobile phones.
On images with text, there is cell phone models developed for the needs of the new labor demonstrations screen. Top of the screen curves through the keypad below that is another part of that, if necessary, draws outsiders to obtain full size. Additional information can be found here

Weeks through to the torrent

Although spitting by Windows and Microsoft in a hand belongs to the hackers label, guess who is popular on the torrent site Pirate Bay and MININ? Windows 7, in front of the-beta version (M3) which was presented last week at the PDC. From Friday by the two above-mentioned services are torrent for 32 - and 64-bit version of future Microsoft operating system, allegedly by a download start, but tens of ten hundred users.
As the ratio of those who upload and download those very unequal, users of the uprising because of slow download, and apparently it's not about the latest version, but that from the beginning of last week. It is hard to please people ...

AeroSystem for iPod

New audiophiles appendix (too expensive) iPod is this multiple times expensive AeroSystem speaker system that carries the signature and Jean-Michael Jarre, in his time, the emperor of electronic music, and now a member of distinguished retired community in France. Designed to "retro-style 80-of these" (now the 80-and retro ...), for now available only in France and cost 450 euros. For the money you get two speakers declared in 20-wool RMS and the low tone declared on 45 wool RMS. There are also USB and 3.5-millimetres slot and connector for the iPod.

MIU HDPC - the best of both world?

The company Mobile Intelligent Ubiquitous Technology for the third time he presented his concept of Hybrid Dual Portable Computer. It is a combination of small computers and mobile phones that is equipped with Windows Mobile and Windows XP. The idea, of course, because the entire product still in the phase of rendering and eagerly deliberations.

This time, however, unlike the previous two announcements, the first was two years ago, HDPC really on something similar and we know that his main processor should be Intel Atom, although not told that. Also, we know that part of the cell phone should have its own processor, ARM, but NES model, and there are two screen and the PC part of 4.1 inches diagonal, and resolution 800 * 480 points and mobile, diagonal 2, 4 inches, and resolution 320 * 240 points, AMOLED.
Reportedly will be on the market of South Korea until the summer of next year at a price of 500 dollars. Details and the concept of the video you can see on the pages Pocketables.

MetaPlayer - recognizes saying

The company EveryZing released to the market's own MetaPlayer, web-player who not only plays video, but is able to search it, and by default the keywords. It is also able to index and saying in the video from YouTube and play back video content that is broadcast from YouTube, adding a new user functionality that the original player does not have. EveryZing as the only business-oriented users, or B2B clients, MetaPlayer offered in the kit with their other tools - ezSearch and ezSEO of whom take part and technology. For now, only the official web site of Dallas Cowboys use this technology and allows users to jump to that part of the video attachments with a spoken default keyword. More details about the technology, is located on the official website EveryZing here.

15 December 2008

Install Google Desktop

You can choose from these features during installation:
This is necessary to try to install because it is useful applications and trust me to be an excellent fit on the desktop.

You can choose from these features during installation:
Desktop search
Search your computer as easily as you search the web with Google
Find and launch applications and files with just a few keystrokes
Sidebar with gadgets
Add Google Gadgets to customize your desktop and iGoogle New!
Get news, weather and more anywhere on your desktop

DOWNLOADS: http://rapidshare.com/files/173451664/GoogleDesktopSetup.exe 1.8MB

Autoplay Repair

Actually this tool has been written to remove corrupted entries from Windows XP's autoplay. The background is that after an uninstallation of several applications like media players, some invalid entries still may remain in Windows XP's autoplay sections. These are visible every time a CD or DVD is put into the drive and the autoplay selection dialog appears. Now with Autoplay Repair it is possible to remove these invalid entries and even create new or modify existing so called autoplay handlers quickly and easily. But this tool can also be used to remove unwanted entries or just to tidy up Windows XP's autoplay sections for a better overview. In addition to that Autoplay Repair has some other necessary features to offer.

Key Features:
  • Create, modify or delete (corrupted) Autoplay Handler entries from the Windows Registry quickly
  • Have control of the main autorun sections in the Registry: add, edit or delete single entries
  • Disable or enable Autoplay for each installed drive on your computer
  • Create backups of Autoplay and Autorun sections to restore deleted or edited Registry entries if needed
DOWNLOADS: http://rapidshare.com/files/173450730/Install_APR.exe 468kb

Google Moderator

At moderator.appspot.com quietly appeared in a new tool / service from Google - Moderator. Google's following the old tradition, and he is in beta, although quite decent work.

It is a variation of forums for discussion, like Usenet, with the proviso that it can be to vote on certain proposals. New topics are called "series", and within them can be opened series of issues in which the participants give answers and vote.

It is a rather specialized tool that was developed for internal Google needs to be in one place collection issues that most people would like to ask during the presentation. You can try it here.

Free to the movies

Discovered the flaw in Adobe software for distribution of video content that allows free access to the entire content without his purchase. Users of services for buying and borrowing movies or television series and over the Internet on sites such as Amazon.coma can with the help of appropriate software for free backup and later see the complete video. The problem is in Adobe server for distributing Flash video content that it protects no security, but only sends the appropriate commands client software on the user's computer to run, or pausing or stop playing. In fact, before you purchase the content the user can see a clip certain length in order to verify that you are interested in him. But after the trial period for viewing minister only sends the client software control command to stop playback, while the content and still continues to open transfer to the user in order to optimize the reproduction in the case of purchase. By using software like Replay Media Suite such a "protection" can easily pass and complete content can be backup on your computer and watch later.

14 December 2008

Songbird 1.0.0

Nice named player was first conceived to be the only open and versatile player, but from its beginnings until today was built in a pretty good program, which integrates various services hill, it is possible to extend hundreds of accessories, a community of developers continually grows, which once again proves that the concept of open software actually brilliant.

No matter what he says about the first full version, the authors themselves who are behind this project is recognized as very much still has a job, when one looks lists options that intend to implement in the coming versions, and anything else that still needs to be done, we must admit that they are pretty ambitious. Luckily a large part of that has already been made, which gives more weight to their recognition that a player on this have yet to work, but also confirms the fact that Songbird is already a quality player who will be only better.

Specifically, the Songbird is a cross iTunes and Firefox because it is based on Mozilla XUL-in (XML User Interface Language) and rendering Engine Gecku in which it is based on Firefox, and looks and feels about as iTunes. Some of them like to call the Firefox and multimedia player.
But what really distinguishes Songbrid the integration of Internet browser with support for the card and use a range of interesting web-based service. Songbird first launch will be asked to approve the installation of six plug-ins, support for the iPod, QuickTime, SHOUTcast Radio, Concerts, Last.fm and mashTape.

Open the link card integrated within the browser Songbirda and going to some site or blog on which has music, the special panel, in which all the songs will be listed and they can be very easily and retrieved.
It is possible to find images from Flickr, movies from YouTube, the news from Google and biographies of the service last.fm and is fully automatically if available connection to the Internet. Another Songbirds forces is a very flexible interface, so the content generated extras pretty well organized and unobtrusive. Of course, there is also support for skins or feathers, so to call guys responsible for the development of Songbird, so visually it can straighten out exactly the way it suits you.

DOWNLOADS: http://www.box.net/shared/9pmlth1pnt
11.8 MB

Sony touchscreen Walkman

Traditionally well-informed insider Sony, Sony will be the beginning of the year at the fair to present the CES multimedia player with a screen sensitive to touch. With reference to unnamed (but, of course, reliable) sources, competition Sony iPod touch will come in capacities of 16 and 32 GB. Screen will be WQVGA resolution, instead of a standard LCD and should be used with oled contrast of 10.000:1. Thus, the quality of the display will be far ahead of any LCD screen with a better depiction of color and larger viewing angle, while the low consumption of the screen have a beneficial effect on the battery. All the possibilities of old Walkman will be retained, but coming, and some new ones. In the first place, there is integrated support for YouTube that while listening to certain songs offers a direct link to the music spot. In addition will be added support for a subscription to the podcaste, and the format will be able to play MP3, WMA, AAC and PCM for audio, and H.264, MPEG-4 and WMV video. In addition, the new Walkman will be possible to listen to FM radio and view Web pages. Details related to the price are not known, and more information will be available at CES in which takes place from 8 to 11 January in Las Vegas.

10 December 2008

HP flexible display screens

HP and Flexible Display Center at the University of Arizona have demonstrated a prototype of flexible screen. Screen is almost entirely made of plastic, can show moving images, allowing a view pictures and when not connected to the source of electricity. For this achievement is creditable Viziplex E Ink technology widely used in readers e-books. Screen was created SAIL (self-aligned imprint lithography) process which allows him bending without danger of cracking. Because it does not use backlight technology allows creation of extremely thin, saving, and what is most important, for the production of cheap screen. From HP's allegations that it is to create a new screen by voluming take up to 90% less material than you need to create an LCD screen. We could display screens can be found in a mass production is not known, but HP lists the possible applications in notebooks and similar mobile devices, but also commercial purposes. Analytic house iSuppli market for flexible screens foresees exceptional growth. With last year's 80 million until 2013. years to make the market should grow to 2.8 billion dollars as the growth of even 35.000%.

9 December 2008

HandBrake 0.9.3

Converting video files, more precisely DVD titles in formats that can be, except on the computer, play and the numerous other devices, today is nothing unusual. Yet it appears that such programs is never enough.
So is his place among the popular tools certainly find this weekly program. In fact,HandBrake some time already attracts attention and is its fans (an ideal solution to convert DVD titles in a format suitable for display on the iPod in, in just a click).

HandBrake now can convert almost any format that you
think. In addition, they finally made and procedures on the site, but its general functionality, so now HandBrake really impressive stable and well-featured program that definitely deserves greater attention.
Video quality excellent; convert a DVD is really fast, and the same goes for converting video files.
Part of this is due the fact that actually uses FFmpeg, which was long known for its speed.
There will not omit to mention that HandBrake serves and XviD codec, and so is able to convert in H.264/AVC format, it is used x264 codec, while for the sound as the default codec uses AAC, but there is MP3, in a state the shoulder and Dolby Digital AC3. All this makes HandBrake and especially if you own gimcrack such as the iPod, iPhone, or PSP, and they want to watch video.

DOWNLOADS: http://www.box.net/shared/38pvbdrcr2 6.5MB

7 December 2008

Logitechov G9 across all tastes

Logitech is for the G9, laser mouse for the players, announced ID Grip - the possibility of painting flu for the mouse's own samples. Customers standing at a choice of several Logitech templates, selection of samples from popular games, but the possibility of posting photos of themselves sent to customers. Images are resistant to wear and it will not be deleted or fade because they are placed on the lower layer of flu and do not have any contact with the hand, drew attention from Logitech. G9 has been possible largely to adapt their own taste. Weight control may be lifting, flu can be edited, and LED-ice can radiate in several colors. Grip ID customers in the U.S. can order for the price of 20 dollars.

Disk as a gramophone

On the Instructables site, appeared to project a group of students from Austria, Great Britain and New Zealand which are made from the disc record player suitable for the most demanding. According to the official website, "All you need is an old disk, a couple of amps, resistor, and Programmable microkontroler." Detailed instructions you can find here.

From 3.7 to 5.5 GHz

Although we recently wrote about how to Nehalem (processors are now known under the name Core i7) does not suffer overly overclocking because raising voltage RAM can lead to the destruction of processors - we must pull all that we said. (What does that say to you, we were displayed ...) Japanese enthusiasts with "the code name" duck so succeeded i7 Core Processor Extreme Edition 965, which nominally runs on 3.73 GHz, 5.51 to drive GHz. For this purpose he used Asus motherboard horn Rampage II Extreme that the BIOS supports the numerous ways overclocking different things. Duck is, otherwise, last year already "entered into history" when the overclocking Pentium 4 631 at 8.14 GHz.

KeyLemon Screen

Just your smile, all you need to login. Make your face your password ...
It can be said that it was checking the identity of a person, originality of a work, etc. In the process of authentication to the system, The Weakest Link is, I try to guess user.
Password (password) are time became tedious, users were severely memory, and to ease, they usually use a combination of his name and surname, date of birth, car registration tags, the names of children, etc.
As time growing number of services that the user uses the Internet , And each of them again requires authentication, this brings another dimension and the problem with password policy rules, and the user, of course, used the same password for all services.

KeyLemon Screen start the project as a group of students who have developed
as a screensaver, which in itself will be on and did. I tested the program with a Genius USB camera Integrated camera and the Asus notebook, the Windows XP and Vista Bussiness.LemonScreen is your job done without major problems. I tried even a version with and without glasses, all have passed the office.
The only problem may occur when you reduce the brightness, or if it is too strong beam of light falling on the camera. With Ctrl Alt Delete can "circumvent" this way of authentication, "kill" a process that starts LemonScreen and unlock the computer.

The software is difficult 1.84 MB, and the installation itself is trivial.
After these few steps you must still make a "scan" the face, or do his model, in order to scan the camera had to compare what. After that, remains to enter the main (master) password, if you happen to our software, "replaces the other, or we do not recognize, that we can unlock it manually. Then he defined the time that the computer will automatically shut off if no action on it (screensaver), and the same can be done in the options program, or a combination of keys Alt L.

http://rapidshare.com/files/172569491/LemonScreen_1.3.0.msi 1.9 MB

5 December 2008

Grippity - good and wrong

Grippity Israeli company has recently introduced a prototype of the keypad intended to hold with both hands and keyboarding with eight fingers and the back side. In addition to a full qwerty keyboard, there are two buttons with the rear side, and on the upper side of the Trackball and multimedia keys. It is interesting that the keypad has installed and the position sensor, and when turned upside down, becoming Programmable keys, that is, each may have a different position than usual. Reportedly will go on sale mid-next year at a price of 100 dollars.

Opera is available 10 ALPHA 1

Opera Software has released the first alpha version of the incoming Internet browser Opera 10th Opera 10.0 ALPHA 1 brings a number of newspapers and better performance, which is credited engine Presto 2.2.
The new engine reportedly provides 30 percent better performance than previous versions and should be a worthy competitor Firefoxovom Tracemonkeyu or Chromeovom V8. Presto 2.2 CSS offers better performance, higher quality print XML documents and better support for Web fonts, and in fully passing even the infamous Acid3 test.
I have the browser now owns auto update feature, long expected spellings and better able to built an e-mail client. Is better functionality and debugging tools built Dragonfly, you will get a good web developer.
More details and links to download the alpha version, visit the official website.

Light in the darkness

Keyboard for those who for some reason or prefer to type in darkness, and they are not secret agents ...

Logitechov Illuminated Keyboard is one of the rare keypad with backlight that are not intended for the players. In fact, style, and the cost it is clear that this is a device from the business segment Logitech offers that emphasizes elegance and incredibly thin profile. With the depressed feet thick Illuminated Keyboard is just 9.3 millimeter, which, at least at first glance, does not overly self-confidence, because usually with thin tipkovnicama go and a short travel keys and feeling as when the tipkanja notebooks. For those who did not try it, suggest that any attempts to do.

Key mechanics is made to force pressure evenly transmitted regardless of whether she hit the edge of the keys themselves, or central, and Logitech's called "PerfectStroke Tehchnology." Behind the names sound "technology" hides good guides, which give a good feeling tipkanju. The keypad is hard and lifting, so that despite the slender design is not the easy varieties and excellent lies on the table, without any skating and moving.
It whereby the keypad is named Illuminated is, of course, the background light below the key. Instead of blue at G15, Illuminated used entirely white light in the four minimum strength of light in the past the key, a very well-lighted signboard on the keys that do not even look like lighted, but as they are derived from the lighted white.
This is especially at night gives very good readability without keyguard burning any desktop or main light, and the day is not even notice that the keys shown below light.

All the keys are full sized, and there is an additional set of "multimedia" and orange FN key which, for each of the functional keys in order triggers additional function. These can program with the help of the accompanying Logitechovih drivers. The only key that is missing (as to whom - we did not at least) is Scroll Lock, which is useless anyway, and Logitech is the right decided to eject from the keypad.
Good, quiet, a little too soft, but very good quality keyboard that truly allows keyboarding night without lights burning.

Aluminum charmer

New Macbook, the cabinet made from a single piece of aluminum and multi-touchpadom. Apple access to quality workmanship and detail that is what distinguishes it from similar Competitive translators.

Redesign of new translators Appleovih most came to the expression at Macbookova. After IMac, parting with a white polycarbonate plastic and are experienced Appleovi cheaper notebooks. However, it is not only about the turn of the new materials, but about a completely new approach to creating a cabinet that is made from only a single piece of aluminum. The result is UniBody - slowly and firmly housing clear and beautiful shape. I raise it, holding him to only one angle, you will not feel the burden or strain any part of your computer.
LCD from the previous generation replaced the new LED screen resolution of 1280x800 pixels folded thin alu cover. Despite the slender, almost equally steadfast as the lower part of housing. Screen overwhelmed at first sight. It is very sharp, living color and exceptional brightness.
New Macbook runs the same Intel Core 2 Duo (Penryn) processor as well as the previous generation, but with a fast 1066 MHz bus, a fast 1066 MHz DDR3 memory and, what is most important, new and Ĩipsetom nVidia GeForce 9400M graphics. Tests showed that the new platform provides better results than the predecessor with a slightly faster 2.1GHz processor. Photoshop CS4 is faster at 10%, iLife application of 15-20%, but the biggest improvement showed demanding games that were a precursor to the Intel graphics were useless. So we Call of Duty 4 played on the resolution of 1024x768 with average 35FPS. Testing we reveal and improved cooling, so that even after all the tests Macbooka bottom is not heated across the border, which would be holding in her lap done annoying.
if no change processors, Apple has made with the best promotion in the history of these computers.