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30 January 2009

Dell Latitude XT2

Dell new release tablets will be much easier it will respect all those who will use the computer to work on the ground.
Dell has released the specifications of its new Latitud XT2 tablet, which will change the current mode XT.

From the news in the first place also has the use of 1.8-inch disk, support for a maximum of 5 GB of RAM (with the previous 3 GB) and integrated Intel X4500 graphics, which changes the ATI graphics on the earlier model. I will continue to use Intel processors low voltage. Screen also remains unchanged with a diagonal of 12.1 inches, resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels and LED lighting.

Also, reduced weight and laptops, which now amounts to a straight 1.kg which was 0.63 kg less than in previous models. One of the three built-in USB port provides PowerShare which means that the devices are connected through it can recharge even if the notebook is turned off.
Details on pricing and availability date in the market were not disclosed.