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27 January 2009

Computer Monitor

Can not be less - MSI WindBOX should not be a place on the table.

MSI WindBOX represents the desktop computer, although this is not the fact that does not take place either on the table or next to him.

Specifically, the computer is extremely small dimensions, and placed with the rear monitor via VESA compatible slot.

Embedded within Intel 1.6-GHz Atom, integrated Intel GMA 950 graphics and
gigabyte working memory. Cooling is done passively, so the computer does not produce noise at work, and the entire cabinet to the refrigerator.
Disk capacity has not been p
ublished, and MSI has announced compatibility with SATA II disks. Since connections are Ethernet, three USB and VGA, a reader for the three types of memory cards is also here. Assured access and Wi-Fi networks.
Launch date and price have not yet officially released, but it is expected that the European market price WindBOX and will not exceed 200 euros.