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Want to new software, you want what is in, I was trying to find and set up for download because it must be in step with technology
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9 January 2009


At the beginning of each year, world capital of sin Las Vegas turns the metro in the world of consumer electronics because it is right here CES, which are attending the fair cream industry from all over the world, presenting a premiere of new technologies and products that will mark the year that follows. The day before the opening, however, was a dedicated journalist,
and so are the three largest exhibitors at the CES - Samsung, Sony and Panasonic - some details about its performance already discovered.
Most impression left is Samsung, announced that at its exhibition space to show a new line of televisions called Luxia,which in a model of this device delivers a combination of everything as the latest trend could see the IFA in Berlin and, in a variety of devices - thin design, new technology, the screen brightness, suitability ecological awareness, connectivity to the Internet and extremely high frequency refresh the image.
Powerful Luxia so brings refresh frequency of even 240 hertz.

As for the TV to connect to the Internet, it seems that this would be the most significant trend in this year's CES, as the latest show, and the remaining major manufacturers.
It is interesting that at the CES in attendance, and Yahoo!
who presented the cooperation with Samsung - the fallen giants of online search a new chance in such partnerships, so this is a Korean manufacturer of a truly excellent site for viewing movies on the Internet televisions, but also display other interesting data on the screen televisions, such as weather forecasts or information the auction on eBay.

Besides television, which will dominate CES system, and are expected to throng the new Blu-ray devices, which will be displayed with its small cost,
because it seems that the only way that this is now no longer so new standard optical recording video professionally and a new way to sell on the world market.
Similarly, to expect the announcement and new achievements in the world of video with HD resolution, which are becoming less technically advanced all, but also as the Blu-ray drives - all cheaper.