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13 January 2009

Sony NWZ-A828N -On the right track

A good impression on Sony A828N starts with his outside - the cover is made of metal, which, in addition to strength, this gives a player and a good sense of design. But while it is not ignored convenience: the controls are easily reachable and tangible, and one of them is located on the side the device which was left enough space for generously sized screen with fine resolution and good contrast.
Things are equally good and the software side. The interface is simple and logical, and offers more or less all the things that we are in solid player accustomed - custom filters, effects for improving the spacious s
ound, directory files by various parameters and control playlist, viewing photos and videos and the like.
The ca
pacity of this model amounts to eight gigabytes. The player, however, somewhat-saving equipment in the area - while most of us can live without a built-in microphone, many people will bother the lack of FM radio receiver, a somewhat bothered us and the use of non-standard USB cable.
On the other hand, support
ed by the Bluetooth wireless headphones (of course, in addition to the usual 3.5-millimeter connectors) that can be quickly activated by pressing a separate key Bluetooth for this purpose.
What are the accompanying headphones, well, it is a model MDR-EX082, duct ear bud forms, for which we can freely say that the shadow cast almost all of headphones that are usually delivered with a serial musicians, and a good part of those in a separate sale.

High frequencies are clear, bass is deep and strong, and there is no trace uproar. A
ttached three-sized rubber cushion for the ears. Amount by Sony search for A828N is significantly higher than in Taiwan plastic competition, but it is also higher and the quality and sound, so the price is reasonable, and the choice of a good player - at least if you lack the radio is not too big a problem.