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19 January 2009

Mortality Barracuda

Seagate hard drive has a big problem with the cessation of work terabyte its Barracuda 7200.11. More users by the official forums registers fast deterioration of the discs, while the services are set 30 to 40 percent of failures.
One user forums with claims that he was given in three months canceled three RAID disk in the field, while another user stopped four Barracuda only 12 days of purchase. The problem is apparently in microcode device firmware (version SD15) on drives produced in Thailand.
Software after a short time, reported the defect and locked the disk, so it's either the computer BIOS may not recognize. The only solution is the departure of the service.
Seagate has admitted the mistake, and on the official website offers more information about the stories and the new version of firmware.
It should be noted that users can not upgrade the firmware yourself if the problem has already been performed, but in this case, the company offers the coverage of the cost of return data.