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13 January 2009

POLAROID - Camera and Printer

Polaroid is the end of last year, announced to stop production of most of its analog camera and films, including those for the growing cult of photography.
However, the company will continue its tradition - now in digital.
Specifically, the CES in the Polaroid introduced PoGo - digital camera with integrated printer for instant photo development.
Resolution in which the camera captures is not released, nor anywhere prominent on the cover of the device, but from the specification to distinguish the 3-inch LCD screen and 4x optical zoom.
Built at only 16 MB of memory, but the capacity is, of course, expandable SD memory cards. The advantage of digital, inter alia, is to before printing photos directly on the device can be edited.

Independent PoGo photo printer (eg, without the camera) is presented at last year's CES-in. This year's version of the camera will be on the American market for the purchase to become available during the March recommended by the sale price of $ 200.
Package of ten sheets to print photos people will be at the price of five dollars (ink or toner is not necessary).