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27 January 2009

Ketarin - Updated Collection

Anyone who is at least one found in a situation that is being prepared to go with someone reinstall your computer knows very well that this is always preceded fast assembling collections of software that is custom, after the successful installation of Windows, install.
Of course, this means that should be download the latest versions of selected software, which is, at least, boring job.

Fortunately, and boredom can be easily solved with a little help of this actually very practical tool. Unlike tools that is intended to update the software already installed on your computer,
this focus on the installation packages.

Precise terms, enables the collection of programs that will download new versions and placing them in a directory that you specify.
The advantage of this approach is not only that you will always be able to bri
ng with them fresh installation of the software selected, but you have a specific version of the history of each program, so if you create a new version of the problems, you can easily install an older.
As a source to download the installation program, you will find a field in which it is enough to enter the identifier of the FileHippu (actually the FileH
ippo enough paste the address from where it is possible to download the installation).

Ketarin offers another method of monitoring the new version of the application. The vast majority of cases, the software is usually available with a fixed Internet address, a file you download is usually different from the previous version by the number which is located in its name.
That Ketarin used (except that the information can automatically withdraw from PAD files)
, so when adding the program can be a full URL to replace the tag number (or have some other parameter) variable whose value will then Ketarin retrieve every time and so establish the correct address to download new versions of the program.
Whole method is easier to use than it at first glance may seem.
Just in the field paste the full URL to the installation files, and tag number or other swap part of its name to replace any variable.
This variable can be any word (except for the previously defined variables), the main that is surrounded by curly brackets.
After that, it is necessary to indicate Ketarin where should retrieve the value for that variable, and that you do so you'll Ketarin litera
lly point to some Web sites where they will regularly publish numeric designation (or other parameter).

Ketarin not automatically at regular intervals to check whether there are any new versions, but you'll occasionally have to work alone, which is actually quite logical.
The whole list of programs, of course, possible to record and to the XML format.
All in all, although
this is still relatively early edition, Ketarin has proven to be a pretty useful tool that your business is performing well, and for him you do not have to pay anything.

DOWNLOADS: http://www.box.net/shared/p2gegm06ih 772 KB