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25 January 2009

Tough stance

-The authors Velvet Assassin remain consistent application of morphine in the game.
If the judge on the example of Fallout 3, the upcoming Velvet Assassin will have a disgusting problem with
rigorous rules Australian Committee for the classification of games and could be banned in the country kangaroo.
In the game, namely the British spyhole abundantly used
morphine to slowed time and executed by all manner of deadly procedures as the direct link with the actual drugs.
In SouthPeak say that you do not intend to renounce morphine or rename it in a fictitious name because it is good to know that is the same used to ease pain at all belligerent.
As he says Aubrey Norris from SouthPeak, the authors of the players want to afford you a copy of an
objective reality, and morphine at the time in which the action takes place was quite common drug to ease pain.