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25 January 2009

Passion by mini DisplayPortu

Towards the end of last year came to the knowledge that Adapter cable to connect the 30 "-inch Dual-Link DVI monitor via mini DisplayPorta occasionally cause distorted image on the monitor, after which it is necessary to unplug the cable and connect again.
This is indicated visitors blog Gizmodo with same problem that sorry Apple, and stated that his answer to the question cable compatible only with Apple's 30-inch Cinema HD monitors.
On the Apple site you can buy a controversial cable noted this is not the limit, bu
t interesting is that from the 44 posts related to the cable that comes average grade 2, and that line users complain HP, Dell, Samsung and other manufacturers of monitors.
Apple on the forum can be found, and comments that cable does not work even with some 30 "-based Cinema HD monitors.
Apple has not yet been officially made a statement, but the fact is that many buyers of these cables, the price of one hundred dollars, a very unhappy
because it is so far not there is a solution of their problems.