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9 January 2009

DVD Audio Extractor 4.5.0 - Quick and Easy

I must admit that I like the programs that are performing their jobs well and do not complicate things more than you need, so do not be surprised that it was precisely the tool that allows you to quite an easy way to separate the audio file to a DVD and converts it into an appropriate audio format to him to listen in your car. It is very simple interface, and in fact is designed as a wizard that will lead you step by step to a successful conversion.
Therefore, you start by the need to indicate any of the DVD title, which is located in the optical drive or folder where the files that make up a classic DVD, and finally, you can choose the vob files is found.
Whatever you choose will be shown all the available titles on DVD and in the left side and records. Of course, initially will be elected so all the titles, but you can selectively select and at the same time convert only those who actually want.
Despite the fact that the DVD Audio Extractor offers the possibility of a quick overview video DVD for each title on the DVD in, the matte
r is resolved somewhat inconvenient. DVD Audio Extractor supports several formats in which you can convert DVD titles. In the first place, there is Ogg, Mp3 and unavoidable, then WAV (Uncompressed PCM) and then follows FLAC, and for every format you'll be able to change and parameters or simply left at the default value.
Apart from these formats, DVD Audio Extractor is able to extract audio file without decoding (demux), but also create an image of music Cd's that you can then burn to a CD for a popular tool for recording media.

DOWNLOAD: http://www.box.net/shared/qasrnahoam 1.6MB