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3 March 2009

Stolen Notebook will Scream

Company Front Door Software has introduced a software package names Retriever to combat theft of laptops. If the thief enter an incorrect password notebook starts loud "scream" that was stolen.

In addition, every 30 seconds, the display will print the message "stolen notebook, along with information about its owner (the message can be personalized). After putting the computer in the drive, the software will automatically begin searching for Wi-Fi networks so that the manufacturer could send information about the location of the notebook. The owner will thus be able to track the movement of your computer and notify the police.

According to statistics Front Door Software, in the U.S. in every tenth notebook gets stolen or lost. FBI announced that it is likely that the case of theft of laptops successfully resolve all three points. Installation Retriever likelihood that the owner will still get to your notebook climbs to 97%, claims the manufacturer.