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3 March 2009

Cool USB gadget

For a long night working with the computer is not bad to have fridge (and I hope
that will soon return warmer weather). In this fit only a single can, but better anything than nothing. He looked truly mimics the real fridge, and do not doubt that it will see all that pass next to your table. I could not find out how much power is spent, but they still would recommend you to connect to a USB hub, not directly on the motherboard. Your may be for only $ 30, if you check back on Amazon.


Fulfill the fantasies of every man! Stripper on the table! And not only that. Thi
s stripper always silent and do not have to pay her anything. Wondering where the stunt. Oh, except that you girl / woman may slay this stripper dancing only when the keys. Yes, you read it. As fast as you key to faster she dances, and when you rest, rest, and she. There is also an advanced version you can connect to the source of music, such as an MP3 player with whose sounds will be stripper buckle. This is not exactly cheap toy (68 $) you can pick up on Amazon.


At first glance, this is the ultimate useless gadget, but given the recent lack of gas
and maybe not so crazy you have to buy a USB heated gloves. What should you say more? Glove, connect them to the USB and let the pleasant feeling of warmth while in the cold apartment and the rest of your body freezes. If you find the job description states that you need more time typing this then you may wonder, and assist in the opposite it is a throw $ 22.


Smoking is not cool and you should give up these habits, but if you can not h
ere's a gadget that will reduce the smell of cigarettes in the office. Except that this little car serves as a classic in the ashtray, which shake the ashes he has embedded fan with air filter that will eliminate unpleasant odors from cigarette smoke. Naturally, the device is powered via USB, and can be your for $ 17.