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24 March 2009

Google saves the wrong sent mails

Another of the many useful options in Gmail

The list of options in the Google Labs every day is increasing, while the last presented
option is the Undo Send that, as the name suggests, allows cancel sent e-mail.
To use this option, you first must be activated in Gmail Labs that users should go to Settings, then Labs, and click the Enable Undo option Send. When to make, when sending e-mails, you will be stopping the option of sending e-mail so that if users accidentally se
nt the wrong mail or at the last moment stance, have a couple of seconds in which to save the thing.

A large
number of times happens to be written today contains inaccuracies, forgotten attachment or something third, and still be sent. For all users quick on the trigger (button "Send"), Google has now offered a solution. Through Gmail Labs offers the option to "Undo" for each mail sent.

Upon activation options, e-mail is sent with five seconds of delay, during which time the users have the ability to refrain from sending mail. Soon be time to Undo should be extended a
nd the ten seconds.
Last y
ear, Google has offered the Mail Goggles - alcoholic test (active on weekends) that you should spare the inconvenience..