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20 March 2009

Durable Motorola MC5574

Motorola has issued two smartphone from the line MC55, which the company called Enterprise Digital Assistants (EDA). It is the models MC5590 and MC5574, and are intended for business tasks, and especially field work.

Therefore in the appendix are very solid and complete production equipment. Hardware background Marvell makes XScale PXA270 processor clocking 520 MHz, while the operating system Windows Mobile 6.1. In addition to 3.5-inch screen touch-and 2-megapixel camera, these devices still have a wireless network (Wireless MC5574 and WAN), Bluetooth, GPS, bar code reader and an integrated two-way radio channel for easy communication in the open.

Unfortunately, since mobile networks support only EDGE, but taking into account the purpose of these devices, especially when working in inaccessible conditions where normally there is no 3G signal, it perhaps is not as great drawback. Differences between the devices have already been listed for WWAN support for the MC5574, which along with it also has a full QWERTY keyboard, while the MC5590 is limited to the classic, albeit a slightly expanded version. Mobile phones are already on sale through Motorola partners, but the price is not yet known.