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Want to new software, you want what is in, I was trying to find and set up for download because it must be in step with technology
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24 March 2009


Have a bigger screen, and thus the higher resolution definitely has its advantages, but the relatively large desktop usually after a time become covered with icons. Even if you are of those types who are concerned about precisely at each pixel of space, sooner or later you will become frustrated increasing the amount of icons for whose accumulation may be blamed your family.

Fortunately, a solution for this is quite simple - or a move to remove all icons, and especially if you are in the shortcuts
and then delete them regularly or they start to organize smart. If you are less prone to aggressive moves, and in doing so you have a sense of aesthetics, then the fences just what you need.

This is a free program that comes from Stardock, and for his development charge by well-known RocketDocka. Although still in test version, fences work great, and the concept of grouping icon on pallets, although not new (such as it is possible to achieve within Windows without installation of additional software), is actually very good. In fact, once you organize icons in a group you will be able to collectively move by the desktop, and everything will work properly and more beautiful.

Not only that, all icons except those that specifically
highlight previously, you will be able to hide a simple double-click on the desktop, and so get viewed desktop. Of course, if you double-click again, transparent palettes grouped with icons will be displayed again. To make thing was better, the icons do not even have to be on a pallet to be hidden. But when we are already at it, palette probably will not even want to hide because it can serve as a very nice stylish addition for any desktop.

Even after installing fences proved to be practical by offering to automatically organize and icons grouped as consider the best. Precisely this is perhaps the best way to start using fences and especially if your desktop is cluttered icons. After this rem
ains only adjust palette and stationed icon as it is convenient. Automatic spacing, it is possible to launch and subsequently.

If you still prefer the hand-held, does not need to worry. Just in the interface start creating a new palette or fence, as it is called in the program, then press the right mouse button delineate the region that can not must include the existing icons and palette will be created. Remains the only award to her name, by the desire set precise dimensions (size change as you would do the classical window in Windows) and place it where you (take the upper edge and down where you want to).

Of course, at
any time can be accessed via the Settings option on the contextual menu (on the server you will find an option to lock the position of all visible fence) or by running the main program interface. With an option like rename range, then determining whether the name still running or just when you pass the mouse arrow over the palette, you'll find a few deployment range, which is useful if you create a lot of them.

Pallets can be visually and adjust levels, and unless the transparency, it is possible to change the brightness and color of the background, but the name. But there we have a complaint. In fact, I try to cram more range than the icon to fit it, you will see a scroll bar (in the configuration can be set to disappear when he does not have the mouse arrow over the range). And while it's not so bad thing, I scroll bar, unfortunately, is not visually consistent with the rest of the palette or on his appearance may be affected and we hope that this will in the next versions will be solved.

Fences saves layout palette and icons, so if you change the
resolution, everything will be back to his place. Moreover, the state is automatically adjust the size range based on the resolution and it is for each available resolution which is, ultimately, to include recommended if you have more than one monitor. As for restoring a previously saved schedule palette and icons concerning, fences and goes one step further.

In fact, saved snapshot position so enabled restore through history stored schedule palette and icons. It is also able to create several different timetable icons and palette, and then they need to activate depending on what you want to have in a given moment is at hand. Either way, this is the program that you definitely should try this especially if you constantly wage war with the disorder on your desktop.

DOWNLOAD: http://www.box.net/shared/yru7ygoe5b 8.5MB