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28 March 2009

Listening to music on Last.Fm-in is no longer free

The latest blog entry on the popular Internet radio Last.Fm about a decision that will begin streaming music charge disappointed the millions of users around the world. Users from the USA, Germany and Great Britain do not have to worry about 'Today, announcing the upcoming change in the mode Last.Fm radio in certain parts of the world. In the U.S., Britain and Germany, service remains unchanged, beginning yesterday published article on the official blog of Internet Radio Last. Fm.

All surfers from countries other than those described in this statement Last.Fm will soon be able to continue to use with monthly subscription of three euros. Month will be able to freely listen to 30 songs, but to listen to each the following will have to pay a monthly subscription.

Quite expected, this record is the anger caused by a multitude of users throughout the world whose opinions can be read in little more than 500 comments left on a business blog.
It should be noted that all other elements of Last.Fm and, who are not are not essential, since it is a community similar to Facebook, to remain functional and free for all users. However, listening to music, you'll have to pay.