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29 March 2009

CloneCD - Fully Cloning

Save you the trip and you have the intention of the car to listen to your favorite CDs, but you do not want to risk the damage, you'll have to resort to a good method - the copying and recording on the media that if he had been corrupted, you can feel free to eliminate because the original certainly made up on the shelf.

Specifically, CloneCD is well-known tool that simply excellent work which it is intended, the creation of identical copies of CD and DVD media. While this, in fact, not aside from the multitude of similar applications, its glory is th
e fact that gained is able to copy the CD and DVD media, regardless of the technology that is protected. It also makes an ideal tool when you want to make backup copies of media.

Nothing wrong with the copyright protection, but when this protection restricts legitimate user to make a backup copy of your favorite game or not risks of damage of
music CDs to listen to their car while traveling on vacation, then it becomes too restrictive and, if you have not already Secondly, frustrating at times.

But tools like CloneCD and
things return to the right place. Do you do that can legitimately be a program like this that neatly circumventing the DRM restrictions, and other methods of protection (in the new version without a problem carries with SafeDisc 3 protective technology), the matter is quite simple. May, if the company that produces outside zone of application of law. With that allows circumvention of protective mechanisms, CloneCD and distinguishable in that it uses RAW-Mode (depending on whether the optical drive), thanks to which the resulting copies of the media will be identical copy, if it is not a protected medium, of course.

In addition to support copying CDs, is able to copy and DVDs with the exception of the film for which you are, if you have any intention to copy, have to have AnyDVD. It is a specialized software to Rip your movie DVDs. Of course, the film's DVD will be
compressing, but will be created identical copies of the original.
With the c
reation of image files from the media copy, CloneCD is able to immediately and recorded on the media and from image files or on-the-fly method directly with the media on the media. There is support for ISO and UDF formats that are created to other applications such as Nero, DVDShrink, and the like, and music CDs recorded in accordance with standard Redbook.

The state is emulated and weak sectors (any poorly readable sector in the medium) regardless of the optical drive. Therefore, one should bear in mind that the transfer of media depends not only on the ability of software to copy the running, but to some extent and the optical drive.

Is a minimalist interface, but because it is extremely easy to use, and do not need to worry about setting the advanced parameters, since the configuration of the poor, and CloneCD anyway in order to fully automatic. Simply insert the media, choose the profile to copy and let CloneCD-in to
do their job.

The results are great, but we managed without any problems copying the media with the physical protection such as ProRing or Laserlock (you will be recognized by the line near the middle or the edge of a CD), and we had no problems with the copying of music CDs or copying the well-known games. However, in some cases, things can complicate something for so you'll have to manage to find a solution, but it is usually sufficient for only a short visit google.

Although CloneCD can not boast luxurious possibilities and is only a basis, it really is successful in copying a CD and DVD media, which makes tools that you would certainly want to have in your collection software. Come, then, to save music CDs and protect them from unnecessary wear-out, and finally to make backup copies of the installation media games and other software, then you can CloneCD to and enable. Price? Not just trifle, but many will be 39 euros quite acceptable.

http://www.box.net/shared/beru7erm8p 2.6MB