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29 March 2009

The smallest USB Adapter from Edimax

Due to the minimum dimension is the ideal solution for all mobile users.

Edimax Technology has introduced the smallest USB adapter on the market - a model EW-7711Utn comes with 40x16x7mm dimensions are achieved by the fact that this device has no external antenna.
Precisely because of the minimum dimensions, is the ideal portable solution for all mobile users and the USB adapter needed only to put in the appropriate slot, after which users can connect to wireless networks. EW-7711Utn supports 802.11b / g standard and is compatible with 802.11n technology, which enables speeds up to 150 Mbps.

This device supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup (wps) that simplifies the security configuration wireless network. EW-7711Utn market should appear 15th April.