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24 March 2009

PEEK Pronto

The new version of the device to send and receive e-mails.

PEEK is one of the interesting gadgets that can currently be available in the U.S. and who has become quite popular on the other side of the Atlantic. It is a device that serves only to correspondence via e-mails - in other words, is not a phone but on a clean e-mail device. We can also call it BlackBerryjem without the possibility of radio - comes with a QWERTY keyboard, and except that users must pay for the device (although that often comes with numerous benefits or discounts), they must pay and which eight p.m. dollars a month for unlimited correspondence. It is interesting that this device users often used as a replacement for the PC because they do not want to mix e-mail device with your phone.

Now on the page of the company appeared teaser announcing that PEEK Pronto - a new version of this device which should be much faster and thus easier to use than the first version.