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15 March 2009

DiskDigger 0.6.3

Lost data is easier than you think and do not question whether or not happen, but when. But when and disappear, things are not completely lost and deleted the files, well be back. It is a known fact that the files are actually not deleted but just get the label as they can be free to delete, while the space that really gets physically occupy the label that it can again accept new data.

Such a principle of work opens the door to the tools that are able to restor
e files after you have deleted, and the fact that it is not appropriate write new data to disk from which files were missing far more clearly. So be careful, because even the installation software that you would like to restore the files on the disk from which they disappeared and you can overwrite the same file and in fact they are permanently deleted.

DiskDigger unlike many other similar tools is not a typical program to restore deleted files. It is not necessary to install it so you can always have on hand, and instead of relying on the file system and search for entries that are marked for deletion, will thoroughly review the medium on which data and sector by sector, seeking files that is able to save .

When we say that reviews media, to actually think for DiskDigger not only for restoring files from a hard disk. With it, you'll be able to return with other devices for storing data such as memory cards, USB Flash memory and the like. In fact, all that is possible to connect to a computer in the Windows log in as a kind of disk, DiskDigger will duly examine and
find files.
Viewing the media sec
tor by sector, although good (in theory should be able to restore the files on the disks with damaged partition), and brings certain disadvantages. In the first place, limited only restore files by type, because DiskDigger must recognize that they returned. Fortunately, most types of supports that most users already the most used and it is possible to restore deleted photographs and to those in most formats, the typical documents among which include those in PDF format and even various types of video and audio files.

His task was clear
- to return as many deleted files, and if this is possible, then just everything. At the start we were asked to choose the media with whom we want to restore the files, with USB Flash memory, hard disk and a memory card reader, it was applicable in the medium optical drive. However, an attempt to viewing optical media immediately caused the error, but he will not take harm as much as it's not intended to salvage the data do not read the media.

In the next step, we were asked to ch
oose the types of files you wish to search. We left them all indicated, although it is not too wise move and I certainly intend to return the file with a larger capacity disk drives. Specifically, as reviewed DiskDigger disks sector by sector, and will show the files that they are not deleted and do not need them to save, which makes orientation difficult.
During the
scanning of media DiskDigger began to show results detected sort files into groups in which members of the images, via audio and video files to the documents. Browsing files is possible directly from the browser, thanks to built, but obviously at it still needs quite work because it has a problem with the depiction, while the contents of some files do not show.

But that's not so important because it is DiskDigger successfully returned almost all the deleted files in a format that supports it. Was the most successful on return of photos, which will surely appeal to all owners of digital camera, and to our surprise and managed to draw some pictures (and even fragments of some quite old) and two larger videos that were deleted long before the test. Praise.

DOWNLOAD: http://www.box.net/shared/94944l6ts3 1.3MB