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22 March 2009

iPhone OS 3.0

Apple, according to the announcements gave a presentation events on iPhone OS 3.0 and the associated Beta Software Development Kit (SDK).
The beta iPhone 3.0 SDK are registered developers have received the test and development environment provides more than 1000 new API functions.
Developers can now implement a micro-payment within the same application, and help achieve th
e communication applications and hardware from the Made for iPod.

In additio
n, there is a push notification for changes in the application or the news, even if the program extinct - like the e-mail client, or SMS. Developers can easily implement the Google Maps functionality into their applications, and there are support for Peer to Peer connectivity via Bluetooth and the ability to access data from the iPod library on the user's iPhone or iPod Touch.

On the user side, the iPhone
OS 3.0 should be officially come out in summer, and brings together hundreds of newspapers, which many users are constantly looking for. These are of course support for copy / paste and official support for MMS (iPhone 3G) and the ability to write text messages and e-mails in landscape mode.

But implemented a new system of search (Spotlight) in a special page on the main screen, unlocked the Bluetooth functionality on the second generation iPod Touch, and installed teethering data will depend and service provider. Among the other things mentioned the availability of App Store in 77 countries, and the parental protection.