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14 March 2009

High Quality Photo Resizer

Fast Cutter

Photos from digital cameras are not excessive for FotoStudio in any other circumstances should change their size.
If you want to send photos from your digital camera, then you have a problem.
Namely, they are mostly very large (larger than one megabyte) and if you want to send 10 photos, which is not a lot, then lose the connection, inbox full, mail is sent long ...

Therefore, should resize photos, even though it may do in any picture editor, much better to use some special programs for that purpose, such as a High Quality Photo Resizer.
Using the program is very easy, select the desired photos (or entire folders in
which the photographs are located), select the maximum horizontal, vertical, and certain formats like whipped cream in the end, the filter will be applied to photography after a change in size.

So you can photograph that by sharpening the contrast enhanced, or mix it easy to add some crazy effects like waves.
When all set click
on the "Start" to be created in a few moments a lot of new photos and that's it.
URL www.naturpic.com/Resizer

Fast and easy operation, nice effects

More options in selecting the size should not be missed

IMPRESSION- Complete and of high quality tool for resize image

http://www.box.net/shared/b6qyvqgb2k 732KB