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22 March 2009

EMDB 0.76 - Film Directory

In the sea of many programs directory movie collection, but some time to swim and this. But that it does not seem very special, but what made aside from the crowd level practicality. Most tools that will create directory movie collection overcrowded the possibilities, but when you look the truth in your eyes, it uses fewer parts.

EMDB (Eric's Movie Database) is obviously led philosophy of minimalism, in fact, focus on those most able to make each directory
should be compulsory. Can download information about movies, the most popular online movie database IMDb and embellishes it basic but very practical interface, but there is a possibility of the search.

However, search is not at the level of heavy commercial applications and in fa
ct you have to get the whole thing because it works more as an option to filter the movies shown in the catalog, but the right to search, but it certainly serves a purpose.

Adding movies to the catalog is very simple, but before I start charging base films on DVD at the store on shelves, is the appropriate jump in the configuration program and set a default value that will be posted at the entry of film. For example, for every movie you can specify which type of sound recordings to the media, whether on DVD or not, which is intended for the region and the like, and the options you'll have to meet each time at the addition of film titles.

If most movies are on DVD, it is easy to assume that the majority has a Dolby Digital 5.1 sound, that is intended for another region, it has the menus and subtitles and the like, and then recommended options and mark in the configuration that does not make you any time re-mark for each movie you are adding. Of course, these will be the primary information collected from the IMDb (full title, actors, director, home DVD's, etc.) so that the contrast does not have to worry.

This means that even in a window to add a movie you will not have to write his full name, but only the part that you know and then it will be given the list of found movies in the IMDb from which you choose the one you want. However, we do not have the possibility of adding a mass of films prepared from the list, so if you have a bigger collection, you'll need to have patience while adding a movie by movie.
One of the main advantages EMDB is its interface, thanks to which it is earned and label practicality. It is not particularly modern, but it is very clear that we do not have any objections. Columns you want to be shown, you can include or exclude in the configuration program, so if you are wondering how to sort movies according to their assessment (it can be assigned arbitrarily, or download one from the IMDb), the answer is simple. Jump in the configuration, locate the adjustment column and add the one with the mark. You will in the main list of movies can sort by the ratings.

If you suspect, EMDB provides the possibility of export of data but only in a text file types, and thus will not conserve and taken cover, and detailed information. However, it is
possible to create a backup database which, anyway, EMDB work regularly.

All in all, EMDB is a truly practical tool for creating search catalog movie collections. Has very good features, the interface is c
learly visible, and that all data and configuration parameters keeps stored in the directory where it is installed, it belongs in the category of portable applications because it no problem, you can copy to a disk and have it always at hand.

Therefore, looking for a program that would finally sort the
directory accumulated a collection of DVDs and films on other media, and do not intend to spend no dollars, then this is the program that you should try. If you like, and the author accepts donations, and pay you ten o'clock dollars you'll be able to adjust itself and the name of the place of Eric put the name that you want.

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