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20 March 2009

USB Memory Keys

Producer USB memory disks and external LaCie, presented three lines of interesting USB stick in the shape of keys.
Memory bear names itsaKey, iamaKey and PassKey, and the work of the design studio 5.5 Designers.

Models itsaKey and iamaKey come in sizes of 4 and 8 GB and a data writing speed of 10 MB / s reading of 30 MB / s. PassKey is specific in that it for data storage uses micro SD / microSDHC memory card Class 1-6, while the rate to 40 megabits per second.

All memory is made of metal so that they can withstand scratching on some key and the "harrowing" by the pockets.
Prices amounted to 15 and $ 24 for itsaKey, 18, and $ 28 for iamaKey and only $ 10 for PassKey, while the memory card buyers must make sure your own.