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3 March 2009

D900F Eurocom Phantom i7 in April

Canadian PC manufacturer Eurocom has officially presented first notebook in the world with Intel Core i7 processors. About notebook D900F Phantom i7 is already a word, and as long as the specifications sound tempting, design and dimensions, however, indicate that this machine is intended for professional use as a mobile workstation or server.

Customers can choose between three Core i7 processors (920, 940 and 965 EE) or 3.2-GHz Xeon X5580 combined with up to 16 GB of DDR3 memory. Disk subsy
stem allows installation of up to three physical SATA drives with total capacity of a maximum of 1.5 TB with RAID 0/1/5 possible configurations.

Screen is 17-inch WUXGA resolut
ion or WSXGA +, while the available Nvidia graphics chips 280M GeForce GTX, 9800 GTX or Quadro FX3700, all with gigabytes GDDR3 memory. Computer support and installation of two optical drives, and delivered with the Blu-ray Recorder. In relation to equipment, target audience are users of CAD / CAM and 3D applications on 64-bit operating systems. Price is not published, and terms begin next month.