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22 March 2009

Represented Silverlight beta 3

Microsoft is on the Mix 09 conference, introduced a beta version of a platform for developing web applications Silverlight 3rd Silverlight Beta 3 brings more than 50 newspapers for PC and Mac, including most importantly a better support for video formats, and partially taking advantage of graphics cards for individual effects.

Beta allows easy streaming HD content, with the quality automatically adjusts the speed of connection and load system. In addition to support for
VC-1/WMA, Sliverlight 3 supports H.264/AAC while to display HD video in fullscreen mode uses power of graphic processors. Implemented and DRM content protection based on AES encryption, and is simpler and implementation of various 3D effects, which also rely on the graphic processor.

Developers now have a greater variety of effects and optimization bitmap to display photos and the ability to Pixel Shader effects and shadows, blurring, but in software mode. Improved the rendering of text only, and Silverlight 3 comes with over 60 already finished control for rapid applicatio
n development. These applications can be run outside the browser and the desktop, while automatically update, I download new versions of Silverlight, and checks the state of Internet connection to download new data, if the user uses the application in offline mode.

Microsoft emphasizes the increasing popularity of Silverlight as a platform for creating content rich Internet applications (RIA), and lists the numbers of the 350 million installations so far and over 300,000 developers who are working Silverlight application. More on Silverlight beta 3 and links to download, visit the official web site.