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24 March 2009

Fold / Unfold - Not just cheap

According to the site TechRadar, which transferred to always awake En gadget, Asus notebook Fold / unfold (or AIRO, as also called), will appear in the sale of up to September this year.
According to a statement Asus director Jerry Shen
, prices would have to be between 1000 and 1500 U.S. dollars, but it is also all that is about to say.
Data on the processor and chip set, graphics and display, which will be part of the new laptops - no.

Asus Fold / unfold is especially interesting because of its solutions for cooling
components under the keyboard, which is near the opening of the lid with the LCD of the withdrawing up and leaves enough space for air circulation.
Also, the keyboard is folded slip through r
esting the palms and touch pad, and thus saves space.