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3 March 2009

External hard drive capacity with a large 3.2 inch LCD

One of the major problems that photographers face is storage. Take pictures in RAW format takes a lot of space on the cards, which are, despite the growing capacity and the lesser cost, however, insufficient if we go on a long journey and we wish a lot of pictures.
With a large number of existing devices to store photos, now is the Jobo introduced its two models - GIGA Vu Sonic and Sonic GIGA One - these are devices that come in several different versions, ie, with different capacities, and can boast high-speed switch and 3.2 inch LCD-om (GIGA Vu SONIC) or with 1.8 inch LCD-om (GIGA One Sonic).

Support different types of memory cards - CompactFlash, SD, Microdrive, SDHC, MS Pro, MS Duo, MMC and others. Model GIGA one SONIC comes with capacities of 80, 120, 160 and 200 GB hard drive is cost of 240 euros, a model GIGA Vu SONIC with a capacity of 80, 120, 160 and 250 GB hard is cost of 329 euros.