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3 March 2009

Virus attacks via Gtalk

Google service for calls in real-time spreads the virus that can seriously impair the privacy of users.
Virus spreads by sending a message 'Hey check out this video! http://tinyurl.com/xyz '. The message usually comes from the known users, and many, even those well-aged users deceived and went to the address given to them.
By that time there was nothing strange with this message, however, at the user required to enter username and password to access your Google Talk, and all looked to mention the video.

Many have entered the required information, and so they kidnapped an account for Google Talk. Is already found guilty for the production of viruses / worms, his name is Hoan Ton-That, and lives in San Francisco.
Was discovered after he took the user name and password which the worm collected. Still do not know what consequences await them.