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7 March 2009



Classic Security Solutions knows when to schedule a new danger, but it corrects this program ...

Classic antivirus client will largely depend on the definitions by which to detect and remove a miracle with malice aforethought. However, when there are no definitions in the description of the risks involved, antivirus clients become almost useless, at least for the unknown type of danger.
Here the story to jump ThreatFire, some known as Cyberhawk. Is designed as a tool that should be used as a supplement to existing security solutions (anti-virus, fire wall, etc.
), and his specialty is the analysis of processes and programs that are currently running on your PC and the evaluation of whether some of them potentially dangerous.
Relies not only on the definition, as the standard security tools, but also on the specific algorithm developed to observe the "behavior" of programs and after they assess whether there is any danger, automatically blocks the program, and informs about it.

So, if you want to further secure your computer even from a completely unknown attackers, but also from those well-known, and in doing so do not spend no dollars, this is the program that you should add in your already existing Arsenal security program.
URL www.threatfire.com

PLUS- Level detection
MINUS- Sometimes known in the computer dispute
IMPRESSION- Will protect the computer from the violent bugs that classical solutions do not recognize

DOWNLOAD: http://www.box.net/shared/9guhspctbs 15.5MB