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7 March 2009

Comodo Firewall


The third incarnation has only confirmed what was obvious from the very beginning - this is a very good fire wall ...

Comodo is so far failed to show the great fire wall, which is able to outshine and many commercial names. Except that it adorns a modern, nice and logically-structured site that no one should have problems, crowded with the possibilities and nuances that would otherwise be seen only in the commercial variant.
As is the case with most other fire wall, and comodo will cover the security warning dialog box on the applications you run, asking you whether a particular process to allow or prohibit.
However, comodo has a good stunt. Namely, it is possible to designate that a process is run installation procedures and solve the pains, and will initially try to "
catch" all already installed the application and declare them safe.
In addition there is a Defense +, which will protect your computer from Rootkit, Keylogger, Trojans horses, spyware applications and other related bugs. Of course, there's possibilities even close is not the end, we recommend it especially to those on the computer do not have any protection. URL www.personalfirewall.comodo.com

Reliable, Defense+

Still can be tiring

Simply a great fire wall of shame that many commercial names

http://www.box.net/shared/51cek710af 20MB