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Want to new software, you want what is in, I was trying to find and set up for download because it must be in step with technology
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9 March 2009

NetBeans IDE

It is the best-known integrated interface for developing Java applications.
Of course, the only interface is written in Java so it is also a demonstration of what Java can.
Mount supports different languages which is quite understandable since it is aimed at developing mobile and web-based application, and there is support for Ruby and Rails, C/C++ editor, visual UML modeling and support for the right to mount a variety of technologies. URL www.netbeans.org

- Support, additional tools
Enough manual labor

More or less everything you need to develop applications in Java

http://www.adrive.com/public/0a3b8769619518de93c01f5171057044607b0a19b2081e5a312f4de1c182031f.html 183MB