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3 March 2009

Flexible Battery

Fraunhofer Institute ENAS (Electronic Nano Systems) at the recently held international fair nanotechnologies in Tokyo demonstrated very interesting flexible batteries. It is a thin batteries, such as a sheet of paper, printing technology, resulting in a special plastic sheeting, as is the case with some versions of the screen, or chips.

Batteries are based on zinc-manganese, which is ecologically very suitable, and nominal voltage is 1.5 V. However, such batteries it is possible to connect in series, which allows variations of 3, 4.5 and 6 Volts, sufficient power for today mobile phones and similar devices. The very technology of production has significantly improved with almost 100 percent yield.

Extremely small dimensions allow the battery and reduce the dimensions of the device, but also power other electronics like sensor card or oversight of medical equipment, while the technology enables the flexible display and solar cells. Batteries go into mass production late this year.