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6 March 2009

AutoPlay Repair

Except that he would make the possibility of repair text box that appears after you insert a CD or DVD into the computer (and this will create a lot of speed) this program offers the possibility of reviewing parts registry that are important to automatically launch programs. This means that if you know yourself handle the Start up group in the Start menu, you can completely solve the problem of auto-launch program.
URL www-stud.uni-essen.de/~ sddabacz

Here are some key features of "Autoplay Repair":

· Create, modify or delete (corrupted) Autoplay Handler entries from the Windows Registry quickly
· Have control of the
main autorun sections in the Registry: add, edit or delete single entries
· Disable or enable Autoplay for each installed drive on your computer

· Create backups of Autoplay and Autorun sections to restore deleted or edited Registry entries if needed

Good work, copies of the settings

Categories CD and DVD are fixed

So far, the most complete tool to set the automatic startup

: http://www.box.net/shared/5raf6dnnzi 224 KB