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19 February 2009

Windows Mobile 6.5

Microsoft has the MWC-introduced in the refreshment of its operating system for mobile phones - Windows Mobile 6.5. In addition to a complete redesign of interfaces and provides enhanced support for managing finger.

New layout is locked the screen and start-up menu where the icons placed in the form of bees honeycomb depicting information about the Inbox, SMS,
missed calls and scheduled meetings. Menus, buttons and context menus resemble those used in the Zune and shape are adapted to the use of fingers. The new OS will be on all phones require the Win key to quickly launch applications no matter how deep in the menus there.

Refreshingly, and the vers
ion of Internet Explorer, which now delivers improved display full HTML pages, support for Flash and plugin for Silverlight. Application interface is fully adapted for the use of the finger, the allegations from Microsoft.

Confirmed that the service myphone part of the new OS, and for the distrib
ution of applications now that Marketplace for Windows Mobile - match Apple's App Store. It is a central location for applications in which users will log in using your Windows Live ID. Marketplace will be available with computers, and as Apple Pack, Microsoft has announced that the only conditions that the application appears to be the Marketplace to meet safety requirements and to be fully compatible.
In the first products of the Windows Mobile 6.5 will appear in the second half of the year.